Definition. The Gadaa system is an indigenous egalitarian democratic system practiced among the Oromo nation of East Africa for the last six. Oromo society was structured in accordance with this Gada system. The Oromo society was structured into two distinct but cross-cutting system. They also say investigating Oromo society without considering the Gadaa System is merely like a man walking without a skeleton. In fact, many.

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Gadaa – Wikipedia

Languages Italiano Oromoo Edit links. Heads of each Cibra are called Abba Cibra. Still among various Oromo groups Qaalluu is believed to be the eldest son of Oromo and therefore given the title of father.

In a new development, women were allowed to attend the general meeting – something previously not expected of them. Consequently, the Gada class incorporates within its ranks people varying in ages.

The transition from the third to the fourth grade is one of the most important events of the Gada institution. As such, he plays an indispensable role in power wystem occasions and legitimizing the ruling Gada System. In fact agdaa African standard the Oromo had effective military organization headed by military officer titled as Abba Dula War chief. The classes are taught by oral historians covering history, laws, rituals, time reckoning, cosmology, myths, rules of conduct, and the function of the Gada system.

Your browser is not supported by this application. Concerning its genesis,German scholar E. The assembly discusses cases of high degree, making law legislationreviewing the existing laws, assesses if there is decline in law and careless violation of the law.

Following this event all participants burst into joy ibid: They also exchange these symbols. Problems and Purpose Discourses around the origin of democracy contain a clear binary separation between “us” and “them” which over-simplifies the complex historical evolution of political systems. At each level of the development or Gada grade the classes hold corporate responsibilities.


Decisions over the use of common resources and the settlement of disputes are reached after thorough discussions and deliberation. After eighty years of the Gada cycle the Yuba enter the stage of Gadamojji complete retirement Gadamoji is the eleventh and final stage systen the gada grades.

The Gadaa System of the Oromo People

Gadax this dancing, those who accomplish heroic deeds including the Gada officials are praised. In fact, many scholars have given various explanations of Gadaa System. The dividing line between the various definitions is shrouded in mystery and indistinct unless contexts or terms are understood. Fortunately, while he was looking after his herds Waaqa God spoke to him under Odaa tree sycamore tree that he had to preform what Waaqaa God order him.

Ethiopia: Key Background Information On Gadaa System –

Thus the young men develop a new social identity that cut-across kinship ties.? The place of Africa in the “standard history” of democracy is often overlooked.

Though the Gadaa system itself is no longer widely practiced, it remains gadaq in Oromo society at large. The fifth grade is collectively called the warrior class. One of such is the Gadaa system of the Oromo People.

GADAA – Socio-Political & Economic Structure of Oromo People

However, whenever conflict which concerns the presiding Aystem Gada is discussed he is replaced by any other Gada councilor or semi retired Gada leader.

Even the Abba Gada, head of the Gada executive branch, if accused of violating laws and regulations, could be impeached, tried and uprooted buqisu from office before official tenure and replaced by one of the members of his class. History It is difficult to tell when exactly Gadaa system began since is seens as an intrinsic element of the indigenous Oromo’s everyday lives and not an ‘institution’.


Father and son are five grades apart at all times. Is there any part of the Gada system that is not compatible with existing international human rights instruments or with the gadaa of mutual respect among communities, groups and individuals, or with sustainable development? Name of the element in the language and script of the community concerned: That is forty years long. The future political leaders of the Oromo are elected at this stage.

The entire class progresses through eleven different grades, each based gxdaa an eight-year cycle, and each with its own set of rights and responsibilities. In addition to his Harvard PhD dissertation, Legesse has published a book [3] positioning Gadaa as an African democracy that could inform constitutional thinkers. Today, the sycamore tree is a symbolic representation of dialogue and consensus, where the local community comes together to make new ggadaa and resolve disputes Sirna Every citizen has the right to speak and be heard in the Assembly of multitudes.

Asmerom Legesse’s explanation, Gadaa is a system of generation classes that succeed each other every eight years in assuming political, military, judicial, legislative and ritual responsibilities. Sustainable Peace for Ethiopia and Eritrea: There is deep personal identification between the members of the class and their leadership.