The Psychoanalysis of Fire has ratings and 27 reviews. Modern Hermeneut said: With this book, Bachelard cements his reputation as an intellectual cha. PSYCHOANALYSIS OF FIRE, THE The Psychoanalysis of Fire was published by Gaston Bachelard in , before Water and Dreams: An Essay on the. The Psychoanalysis Of Fire by Gaston Bachelard, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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We can distinguish then be- tween many kinds of fire — gentle fire, cunning fire, unruly fire — by characterizing them according to the initial psychology of the desires and passions. The sexualized values that we wish to expose may be either hidden or explicit. When we want everything to be changed we call on fire. We will have effected a firs marriage of sky and earth.

The fascinated individual hears the call of the funeral pyre. But what psychoanalysis has not yet completely system- atized — although the works of C. The gasyon is undoubtedly no. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

Review quote “[Bachelard] is neither a self-confessed and tortured atheist like Satre, nor, like Chardin, a heretic combining a belief in God with a proficiency in modern science. In a letter to Schlegel, Novalis wrote: The duality bzchelard our nature is also espoused in other phenomena.

But since, for us, the past represents ignorance just as reverie represents futility, our aim will be as follows: It seems that the unknown aspect of the phenomenon is actively and positively opposed to its objec- tivation.

In a very few moments he caused smoke and sparks to rise up from the point of contact. But in so psychoanalgsis it discovers a continuity of thought and reverie, and observes that in this union of thought and of dreams it is always the thought that is twisted and defeated. They are applying just that recurrent baxhelard that we wish to expose.


Light plays upon and laughs over the surface of things, but only heat penetrates. The quickness of a fire thus offers false problems: At the source of this assimilation, there is, we believe, the impression psychoanaljsis the spark, like the seed, is a small cause which produces a great effect.


Frazer gives numerous examples of bonfires that are kindled through friction. From Victor Hugo to Henri de Fignier, the funeral psychoxnalysis of Hercules continues like a natural symbol, to portray to us the destiny of mankind.

This is often the case in literature. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

There must be at least a thousand legends that are studied in gastln book and only two or three of these are explicitly connected with sexuality. This book places one in an arena where dueling thoughts about our understanding, contextual precepts and truths, and opined beliefs are interrogated.

The chapter regarding purification and distillation is brilliant. Far from being a description of the objective phenomena, it is an attempt to in- scribe human love at the heart of things, What may at first sight hide its psychoanalytical character is the fact that psychoamalysis quickly took on an abstract aspect. At any rate, Boerhaave saves himself from the animistic prej- udice only by fortifying the subst annalist prejudice: My library Help Advanced Book Search.

It would be a winter’s morning in our poor home. It must be taken in its most precise sexual meaning.

The Psychoanalysis of Fire by Gaston Bachelard

We shall see how extensive are the unconscious values at- tached to the food of fire and how desirable it is to psycho- analyze what could be called the V antagruel complex in a pre- scientific unconscious mind.

Once it forms the basis of our education, it brushes aside the objections that are found scattered over the fore of experience. Is it the objective experience of the rubbing together of two pieces of wood or is it the intimate experience of a more gentle, more caressing kind of nibbing which excites the body bachhelard the beloved? This action never stops going on except for lack of an object.


And soon the gavfre or waffle would be pressed against my pinafore, warmer to the fingers than to the lips. Psychology occupies another angle of perception, and Bachelard has begun to isolate still firw, a basis for a systematic development of the critical study of the arts.

In any case it is an firw rhythmic kind of task, a task which answers to the rhythm of the worker, which brings him lovely, multiple reso- nances: The nature of language, an art in and of itself is deftly handled by Bachelard, who exploits the inherent weakness of poetry when trying to describe any event. We need only to try to extinguish a recalcitrant candle from a little distance away, or to blow out a flaming punch bowl, to gain a subjective measure of the resistance of fire.

Where are they, those days filled with the warm smell of balsam and the hot aromas of the medicines?

If he is a realist like Robinet, he realizes his discouragement and his impotency; he makes a phantom of his own fatigue. Nor shall we situate our studies in a remote period in which it would be only too easy to illustrate the prevalence of fire worship. Psychonalysis the Sun 3 1 j Psychoanalysis of Fire appears, the priest speeds up the morion.

But the initial source is impure: Doubdess the sexual components of reveries II Psychoanalysis of Fire about fire are particularly intense, and we shall attempt in a larer chapter to demonstrate this fact. Feb 28, surfurbian rated it it was ok.

What we consider to be our fundamental ideas concerning the world are often indications of the immaturity of our minds.