The present book authored by Genet Ayele reveals that Colonel Mengistu is writing a book about his life, the Revolution and Ethiopian history. Firmness by Major General Hussein Ahmed, and Reminiscences of Lt. Mengistu Haile Mariam, by. Genet Ayele Anbessie. The Red Terror was unleashed by the. The book was written by Genet Ayele, a former journalist who used to own the company publishing Beza and other magazines in Addis Ababa.

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I read in this book the outline of your forthcoming book. He has spared the lives of many including Bitwoded Negash and Dejazmatch Takele who were attempting to kill him all the time. Since you are writing the history of Ethiopia in your autobiography, please check these facts. He has a particular affection and yearning for Harer since it was ayepe he had spent his life before he joined the Derg in Addis Abeba.

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Speaking of his wife, Weyzero Wubanchi Bishaw, she is a true and devoted wife who shared his fate all the way through without flinching. Why did then you kill that innocent man throwing his poor mother into a sate of immense sorrow? Her readers owe Genet a few nice words for her extraordinary achievement.

And Mengist replied comfortably that, his government was serving the colonized citizens of Africans and especially Zimbabweans, thus he makes sure that nobody would betray him for his undeniable acts. In the first volume of his reminiscence, the Colonel was accusatory, emotional and angry at everyone including his former comrades, his adversaries and the EPRDF Government.

I know only one thing- your family has benefited much from it. You knew he was brave and genuine. All were harmless and helpless in prison. Or did you have a double-standard? These qualities of yours should be appreciated and be recorded in Ethiopian history. After the war broke out, your father and mother lost track of one another. Even Emperor Haile Selassie was merciful and magnanimous at times.


Leaving aside the tens of thousands of people who perished in the cities and war-fronts under your leadership, let me ask you a question about the killings of your own comrades.

Personally, I would like to know more about your childhood, boyhood, your life as a soldier, your parents, family members, the personalities that you met, gdnet and impacted on and influenced you, incidents and events that affected and shaped your views and character. Overall, Genet Ayele should be applauded for presenting us with this book and the previous one which dealt with the genef of Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam.

She loved her son even as your own mother loved you. Kibru Publishers Pages August 13, Eritrea closes border crossings to Ethiopian travelers. Contrary to the previous the current Book is not from Mega. Please give us the truth, and the whole truth. But this alone suffices. I gather that she spent her own hard-earned money to write and publish it. From bokk to the boardroom. People say that you used that room as your office and you sat above the remains of the Emperor.

Of course, the immediate loss was to their family. I have no clue how the author posed her questions to him, but his answers are too brief and too unrevealing even when it comes to topics that warrant detailed responses such as his gejet.

It is only you who can record your life history best as long gnet you are alive. His good wife is pious. One way of doing this would have been to keep in prison the people you had captured and incapacitated, instead of executing them in an act of retribution. You have declared in this book and elsewhere that the interest of Ethiopia precedes that of individuals.

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Would the Colonel now put his feet in the shoes of such unfortunate Ethiopians and feel their pain and anguish? My contention is that, you could have minimized the death-toll, had you cared much to preserve human life.


Please enter your name here. I want to call you and get more information? If this is true, how did this affect you and impact your social and political behaviors and actions later on?

This proved that you were not as farsighted gener you gave the impression to be. You were unmerciful, and I should add, cruel. Why should their blood be the blood of dogs?

People can access Ethiopian history on their own if they desire to. As it was tired of fighting, it would have abided by the arrangement that would have been made with the coup makers. You knew that Ethiopia had paid a lot to train them. I wish the author stirred the Colonel to elaborate them. Among the previous controversies, Genet Ayele’s book, was printed by Mega Publication Enterprises, a publishing house headed by officials from the EPRDF coalitionis also the source of intense controversy.

However, he does not say where in Ethiopia this event took place. It is said that all four of the solders took their life to catch the boy in the after life.

These interviews add some more facts to our knowledge of these subjects. I wish he focused on the substance of the book than becoming personal for a reason unclear to the reader. The author captured Ethiopian readers when she first published a book about the escapee Ethiopian former president Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam, meeting him in Harare, Zimbabwe where he lives in exile.

What was the secret of his rise to power not only among his rank and file, but also among all those intellectuals by whom he was surrounded. I find this ayeel to be engaging and mind-stimulating.