Georg Groddeck’s “The Book Of The It” is a key text in the history of psychoanalytical thought and the investigation of human sexual compulsion. Configured as a. BOOK OF THE IT, THE Groddeck’s Book of the It, first published in by the Georg Groddeck, psychanalyste de l ‘imaginaire: psychanalyse freudienne et. Groddeck, Georg. . The first medical book which he put into my hand–I was at that time still a lad at the Gymnasium–was the empirical teaching of Rademacher .

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Book of the It, The |

Yet one thing more. Whoever hates his mother, dreads to have a child of his own, for the life of man is ruled by the law, “As thou to me, so I to thee,” yet this woman is consumed by the desire to bear a child. Now I think we shall gain a great deal by following the suggestion of a writer who, from personal motives, vainly asserts that he has nothing to do with the rigours of pure science. The expression “to be pregnant with thought” must come from the depths of the mind, must have special significance, since it has been embodied in the form of a legend.

And knowledge will seem to him from the beginning to be useless. The youngster began to flourish and grew up a healthy woman. His foot and arm bath, massages and dietary cuisine are still practised today, [3] although the bold doctrine of salvation, where he vigorously massaged his patients, is necessarily quite authoritarian, and a more reserved approach would be judged appropriate today. Good counterpoint to Freud.

Am I then to grumble at God’s world? Martino Vedi Tu rated it it was amazing Feb 13, Now and then a man produces some faint remembrance of a face, a door, a wallpaper or whatnot, which he claims to have seen in his infancy, but never yet have I met anyone who remembered his first steps, or the manner in which he learned to talk, to eat, to see or to hear.


Karla rated it did not like it Sep 21, Georg Groddeck, psychanalyste de l ‘ imaginaire: Refresh and try again. Vincenzo Continanza rated it it was amazing Feb 02, Better to laugh at myself, at this childishness from which we never emerge, for never do we quite grow up; we manage it rarely, and then on]y on the surface; we merely play at being grown up as a child plays at being big.


Views Read Edit View history. Unlike our sick culture’s view of the doctor as technician, Groddeck saw his role as a physician to be more akin to a midwife, who helps the patient bring out these unconscious drives and so find healing.

Illness is not some unwanted accident, but an expression of some inner need of the It.

Lists with This Book. Some of them suffer from birth pangs in the form of stomach ache, or they may even bring about a birth in the guise of vomiting or diarrhoea. That, however, is not what is in my mind, but only the fact that I attributed all the hatred and the suffering of my school days to science, because it is more convenient to ascribe groddrck depression to external events than to seek its roots in the depths of the unconscious.

Simon rated it it was amazing Aug 20, Groddeck wanted to present his and conferences and psychoanalytic concepts in a popular work. She has never been able to bring herself to the point of confessing a hatred of her mother, who died young, but she is incessantly tormented by the feeling that she murdered her, though she recognizes this as grooddeck since her mother died during an operation of which the girl knew nothing beforehand.

She gave her affection to a school friend called Alma, and, what was terribly hard to bear, she taught our little childish sadistic games to this new friend and shut me out from them. At the request of the reading committee, Groddeck made some cuts, though with some reluctance. No matter, I will tell the story again.

The Book of the It

Only now and then, for a few weeks or a few months the feeling came over him that he must drink, and as I have followed up his wanderings to some extent, I know that some reminder of the nurse of his childhood always comes to his mind before he seizes the glass.

But that the dog’s red point has something to do with the begetting of children, this they know in their unenlightened childish innocence just as well or just as obscurely as that the germ of their baby brother or sister, before it enters into the mother, somehow and somewhere must lie in that remarkable appendage of the boik and the boy, which looks like a tail put in the grodddck place, of which one must only speak with caution, and with which only mamma is allowed to play.

Groddeck’s Book of the Itfirst published in by the Internationaler Psychoanalytischer Verlag, was a great success. I wanted to show by an example, by my own example, that a great deal goes on in us which lies outside our accustomed thought.


Un libro come migliore amico.

Shall I vex you yet a little more by venturing further? Das Buch vom Es. Though used to luxury and society, she went every day for years to help at a lying-in hospital, where she kept the babies clean, washed their swaddling clothes, and attended to the mothers, from whom in uncontrollable desire she would snatch the newborn infants to lay them to her empty breast.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. To ask other readers questions about The Book of the Itplease sign up. This book was written nearly ninety years ago, and yet it still avant garde.

Georg Groddeck – Wikipedia

Old age is familiar on the face of infancy, and is often remarked. However that may be, I am still, as ever, your very faithful.

For this reason, the Holy Ghost, as the Third Person of the Trinity, was already suspect to me in early childhood; trigonometry was a plague in my school days, and the once highly esteemed Dreibundspolitik I banned from the beginning. There are people whose It remains clogged by doubt who see two sides to everything, who are always at the mercy of their impressions of doubleness in childhood.

Beyond that the greater part of its territory is unattainable, but by search and effort we can extend the limits of our consciousness, and press far into the realm of the unconscious, if we can bring ourselves no more to desire knowledge but only to phantasy. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The daintiest lady will do so!

Besides the desire to put the bigger boys in the wrong, some dim emotional memories must have influenced me in this. It is hard to grodddeck. One day I had a long talk with her about the connection of worms with the idea of birth, exemplified in the case of a mutual friend. If once I drop ths chit-chat or into fine writing, you must tell me; that will help both of us.

In a talk called Who bopk it who knows there is no Ego? Certainly I spoke of myself, but these experiences are typical, and if you apply them to others there is much that you will learn to understand.