e do meio. Serão ainda apresentadas as diferentes teorias de personalidade na perspectiva de .. Gordon Allport e o Indivíduo. Para Allport, a. 17 nov. Gordon Allport O desenvolvimento da Personalidade na Infância: O Self Singular Personalidade e Motivação A autonomia funcional dos. add logo here. Gordon Allport Biografia Teoría de los rasgos. Objetivo fin. Introducción i. Integrantes:Oriel Guerrero Michel Roco.

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Many definitions for the self coexist in the psychological theory and praxis. This diversity is a result of epistemological basis from which different strategies are selected in order to approach, describe and limit the target object. This paper aims to provide a review on concepts concerning the self and a reflection on how this concept is gorson in different Psychology theoretical approaches. The impact of the central dilemmas of developmental Psychology to the concept of self is gotdon discussed.

Thus, this paper suggests a systematic approach in order to analyze each self definition: One should seek to answer how each theory has positioned itself in relation to the dicotomies of stability versus transformation, specific versus universal, and inner world versus external world.

El impacto de los dillemas centrales de la psicologia de desarrollo en el concepto del self tambien son discutidos. Perspectivas que colocam fronteiras claras entre mundo interno e externo.


Seu trabalho influenciou modelos de personalidade como o Big Five, proposto por Hans Eysenck e largamente referido na literatura atual.

O self se diferencia em dois componentes, o mim e o eu: Toward a second century of the scientific analysis of self and identity. Selves and identities in the making: The study of microgenetic processes in interactive practices.

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Teoria Da Personalidade Segundo Gordon Allport « Heritage Malta

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Teoria Da Personalidade Segundo Gordon Allport

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Gordon Allport Teoria Da Personalidade

The identity function of autobiographical memory: Time is on our side. Memory, 11 2 Estudos sobre a teoria do desenvolvimento emocional I.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal. How to cite this article.