“I conjure thee, Oh BOOK to be useful and profitable unto all those who shall read thee for success in their affairs.” ~ Conjuration for the Book, Grimoire of Pope. The Grimoire of Pope Honorius is a significant seventeenth century French grimoire with a selection of Book of Secrets charms attached to it. The Grimoire of Honorius, as with many other books of magic, is “the The work was falsely attributed to Pope Honorius III, who granted it so.

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The word vellus shall be written above it with the finger, together with the following character and the words: Seal of Agares Agares also Agarat, Agaros, or Agarus is a demon described in demonological grimoires.

Combining a grimoire of conjurations to demons of the four directions and seven days of the week with a Book of Secrets full of po;e charms, the Grimoire of Pope Honorius was second only to the Key of Solomon in the influence it exerted on magicians, charmers and cunning-folk in both rural and urban France. Next, he shall rise at midnight on the first Monday of the month, and a priest shall say a Mass of the Holy Ghost. Member feedback about Black Mass: Including numerous illustrations, and tables tracing the derivation of the material through the different editions and into other grimoires, the Complete Grimoire of Pope Honorius demonstrates the versatility and significance of this grimoire, cutting past outdated misperceptions honorjus a viewpoint which reflects more accurately the position of the Grimoire of Pope Honorius in the development of magic since the seventeenth century.

Deliver us, O Lord, from the fear of hell. Several entries will say that the spell is mentioned elsewhere.

Murder and Magic in France – Negative Uses of the Grimoire of Pope Honorius – Occult-Study

Praise, honour, glory, and blessing be unto Him who sitteth upon the throne, who liveth for ever and ever. However this may be, the attribution in the one case will account for it in the other. This is a reprint of the rare so-called edition of and is possibly still extant.


And in a second circle: At the same time these classes are frequently conceived as producing identical results, e. Proceed as on Monday; compose the circle, and write about it: So far concerning the misinterpretations of writers who pretend to some first-hand acquaintance with the work under notice.

I conjure thee by the holy Angels and Archangels, and by all the blessed orders of Spirits, by the holy patriarchs and prophets, by all the holy martyrs and confessors, by all the holy virgins and innocent widows, and by all the saints of God, both men and women.

This experience is performed at night from eleven to one girmoire. Lift up the eternal gates. Come, therefore, promptly, obey my will, appear and give praise to the true God, unto the living God, yea, unto honoriuz His works; fail not to obey me, and give honour to the Holy Ghost, in whose name Bonorius command thee.

I conjure thee within the circle, accursed one, by thy judgment, who didst dare to tempt God: While its name is derived from the 13th century Grimoire of Honorius, its content is closer to later grimories like the Key of Solomon and Grimorium Verum. For Wednesday, to Astaroth. If ye obey me not, I will force you to abide in torments for a thousand years, jonorius also if any one of you receive not hoonorius Book with entire resignation to the will of the reader.

Why tarriest thou, and why delayest? I command thee to obey, and to come to me, or that failing, forthwith and immediately to send unto me Massayel, Ariel, Satiel, Arduel, Acorib, to grimojre concerning all that I would know and to fulfil all that I shall command.

Moreover, for the space of three days he shall sprinkle the four corners with holy watersaying: The Beginning of the Holy Gospel according to John. Erica Honoirus marked it as to-read Jun 04, grimlire This grimoire also played a role in social events which rocked France, being used in the Affair of the Poisons which scandalised the French royal court inand by the young priest who assassinated the archbishop of Paris in We glorify Thee, O blessed and glorious Trinity!


The Grimoire of Pope Honorius

And in a second circle:. Add also these signs Lastly, on the eastern side, the said skin must be set to dry in the sun for three days, the ensuing characters being cut with a new knife: On the tenth day, before the rising of the sunthe lambskin shall be covered with the ashes of the heart and tongue, and with the ashes also of the cock, after sunset, the flesh of the lamb shall be interred in a secret place where no bird can come, and the priest with his right thumb shall inscribe on the grave the characters here indicated:.

Honoriks Lord Almighty, the Lord, mighty in battle. He is to be received with dignity and honour.

I myself grind Grimoire magic rather complicated and hard t figure out. They should be written upon brimoire altar, and at the end of the Mass the paper should be folded in a new veil of violet silk, to be concealed on the morrow, together with the oblation of the Mass and a part of the consecrated Host. Samantha McGuire rated it it was amazing Dec 03, Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

May the day be bright, may the sun and moon shine forth, when I shall call upon them.

Grimoire of Pope Honorius, The

Behold the Pentacle of Solomon which I have brought into thy presence! I conjure thee, make haste, come straightway, and at once.

Peter by that utterance: Lists with This Book.