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The serial port configuration should be: I checked the source code for that device as well. The way to test an ethernet connected through a DSA switch is datssheet of idiomatic and involves bringing the CPU-facing eth0 and the lan0 switch port independently:. Configuring a static IP in OpenWRT will handle the first automatically, the 5 other ports need to be set up manually for now. There is some documentation I found online on the layout of gstt5009 serial port:. It has the following features:.

It is not following the standard anything else than electrically, sadly. This is not very nice kernel design since the GPIO registers are mapped directly into this driver creating races etc.


After soldering a RS interface accordingly, the console works like a charm! You will need the rootfs-gemini. All you need to know is how to use Gst500.


Datasheer compiled kernel module named switch. J3 on the top is obviously the serial port. To compile the kernel you first need a ARMv4 toolchain to build it with, then you need to configure and compile the kernel, and possibly also attach an initramfs. See the main Gemini page for information.

Electronic components GST5009-LF

Helpfully there is even a header. Also an subset of it called ralink inic can be found in use by Vitalii Kovzik apparently working on the same thing.

It has a curious Makefile in dir So it needs a separate implementation. A modified busybox binary was needed to get the dmesg out. So this means GPIO lines 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18 are used on either port A or port B, and line 13 is only used as input. I use a special gemini. D-Link DIR booting a mainline kernel with prompt in the little display. There is a datasheet from D-Link. This bootlog from the unmodified firmware shows some kernel init and flash partitioning etc. You need to remove four screws on the bottom and then there are plastic snap locks around the edges, I open these with a credit card or a letter knife.


It shows us that the kernel shipping in my router was compiled on march 25, The touchkeys on the right provide “enter” but that is the only useful input to the terminal without any GUI tools.

It also just has a binary module.