HARDINGE BROTHERS, INC. ELMIRA check the part description to make certain the assembly and/or individual part applies to your machine. .. Bed. 2. Screw. 2. Washer. Front Screw. Lock Washer. 6. 14 D V. 0 0 1 0 2 1 4. D V B 0 0 0 9 7 7 6. 0 5 5 0 3 0 5. N 3 7 0 0 0 0 7 3 6. 5 p. 0 0 0 6 4 3. HARDINGE DV59 DSM59 Lathe Part Manual DV DSM [Misc.] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Number of Pages: 15 This is a. DV59 Precision Lathe and DSM This is a reproduction, not a photocopy, of an original Hardinge DV59 Precision Lathe and DSM59 Second Operation.

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Not shown is the tailstock or dust control enclosure.

Hardinge DV59

Run speed adjustment to top 2. Will load on your truck for free! I am rebuilding a Feeler lathe that is a copy of a Hardinge HLV, and am pretty sure ev-59 is a Sharp that is the same. This was hardingr his showroom floor so we believe it to be working. But is the original paint, not repainted or touch up.

Stainless Steel Size of Components: There is also a full length rib down the center of the bed about 1.

HARDINGE Models DV59, DSM59, DSMR, VBS & VBS-R Parts Manual

Freight shipping or pickup. The existing Hardinge cross slide can dc-59 moved and fixed on the bed of lathe. This will enable to cut threads and provide full CNC capability.


Check out my other manuals. All features work as they should. I may have more than one manual that covers your machine, and I am adding new manuals all the time.

I do have the carriage blocks drawn up and tool paths for when they get machined. I will be starting a new thread in a couple of days after completing a concept drawing to go along with it. In the second view, the top table is removed. To learn and have the basic insight of CNC Project: Great – Very Clean Condition! The mill and drill table is expected in two or three days.

The headstock is from an old photo engraving lathe. I still haven’t figured out.

Babin Machine Tool

This page was last updated: Phase II On successful completion and testing of the above, I will proceed to raise the height of the spindle head by providing spacer on the bed and manuql spindle will be driven by a servo motor of suitable power. If you were to put one angular contact mankal at each end, it would be tough to remove the backlash. The existing Hardinge cross slide can be moved and fixed on the bed of lathe.

It can not accomodate the screw, but is good for bolting the cross slide table. The spindle axis is at 4. I primarily turn wood with it so I left the leadscrews in to see how well it would work – good enough for what I need.


The ball screw is mounted in the two end plates in two angular contact ball bearings The z axis is lifting quite a bit of weight with the slide and tool turret so I am ev-59 for the beefy motors.

Fully functional and working. This lathe Uses 5C collets.

What is the torque of stepper motors? On Monday I am going to search around for a Blanchard ground plate and just bite the bullet on the cost, or try too.

The Home Machinist!

Those of us that are converting on this thread will, I am sure, be posting a we progress. It uses an older MicroKinetics control system with steppers driving timing belts. From our shop to yours. Update, Ok, the 12″x36″x1″ plate that was purchased I am just no happy with, too much warp and bow.

Stainless Steel Size of Components: Note that these drawings have change numerous times so even these may not xv-59 the last, however for my first attempt at this conversion these should harddinge it. Using one pair at one end and a radial bearing at the other allows the radial bearing end to expand axially.