Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison – book cover, description, publication history . Summary: Entertaining teenage novel with strong similarities to A Christmas Carol in its tale of an obnoxious girl being shown the error of her. Bridget Duke, father is a famous sportscaster, and Bridget herself is both entitled and deeply insecure. [H]is fame made me cool by association.

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Like, a real one! She learned to love and she learned to mourn loss.

In theory, it’s a great story. I don’t really have much else to say about the other characters, mainly because I either liked them or I didn’t.

Verschwende keine Zeit damit, dich zu fragen, ob der Rest der Welt dir vergeben wird. There were a few parts in this where I felt a bit bored, but it was an okay read overall.

Not Just for Kids: ‘Here Lies Bridget’ by Paige Harbison

In the first half of the book Hrbison is nothing but a bitch. Mein Stern war gesunken. Meredith, her stepmother who she has never truly appreciated; Brett, vy boy whose future Bridget nearly ruined; Mr. I had a hard time placing her after she came back. Particularly those who take after the title character, anything that gets girls like her to think about the consequences of their actions must be worth picking up! Bridget is NOT easy to love. Let us talk of Bridget for a moment.


However, I had some problems with the book. Besonders den dritten Teil empfand ich als besonders gut gelungen, weil Bridget dort mit den Augen ihrer “Opfer” sehen konnte, wie sie sich verhalten und wie sie die Anderen mit ihrem Verhalten verletzt hat. Over half of the book focuses on getting to know Bridget and how she is towards other people, until a new girl comes along and starts taking the spotlight away from her.

Here Lies Bridget

It’s hard because it was such an excellent read. It was interesting enough, but for some reason something about it was a bit off to me. Nov 22, Melissa i swim for oceans rated it liked it Shelves: Feb 16, Jessica B rated it liked it Shelves: If you want a good novel to read for a few hours, this would be a good choice.

Just a whole lot of caricatures and a none-too-amazing storyline. I didn’t find it all that necessary to repeat the same dialogue while interjecting the thoughts and feelings of others involved. And by the way, I love and adore her mother, author Beth Harbison, who wrote a favorite of mine, Shoe Addicts Anonymousand many others.

Paige Harbison is a genius at creating the ultimate “mean girl”. You’ve been given the power vy affect people, just as we all have, and it’s important — no, vital — that you do the right thing with it. I did not like this book at all. Ist das nicht furchtbar?! They all just annoyed me, they were either too good or too bitchy.


Dec 20, Jamie Kline rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: A very, very mean girl.

Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison – book review

Here Lies Bridget was a very fast read with a really great concept. But she was so much more than that!

This doesn’t excuse her behavior towards the people she like to terrorize, but I had real compassion for Bridget. I only hope that this review turns out to be coherent enough for you to read. Ich sage nur soviel: And of course vridget Bridget Duke is the queen bee of her high school.

I mean, what girl would stay friends with Bridget? I thought it was pretty fast paced and I was interested to see how it would all turn out. This book releases on Februrary 1, Und mit diesen Menschen kannst du dann neu anfangen und es besser machen.