De beoordeling van nieuwe geneesmiddelen. Article in Pharmaceutisch weekblad 3(1) Henk Buurma at Independent Researcher. Henk Buurma. Buy Het juiste medicijn: ruim geneesmiddelen kritisch beoordeeld 01 by Marcel Bouvy, Henk Buurma (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Buurma, H., Jong-van den Berg, L.T.W. de, Leufkens, H.G.M., Het geneesmiddel, Wetenschappelijke uitgeverij Bunge, Utrecht Callon, M, Law, J., Rip, A.

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Relationships between considerations, professional characteristics, and prescribing Wieringa, N. Identifying general practice patients diagnosed with asthma and their exacerbation episodes from prescribing data Pont, L.

A systematic literature review: Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Archives of Pharmacology.

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Petra Denig – Research database – University of Groningen

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prof. dr. P. (Petra) Denig

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Do we need individualised prescribing quality assessment? How doctors choose drugs Denig, P. Validity get performance indicators for assessing prescribing quality: Effects of the occurrence of a first cardiovascular event on statin adherence in type 2 diabetes: