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Single volume books represent First of all, significant number of Arab authors writes in languages other than Arabic, most often French or English. The most translated authors are Khalil Jubran 32 times, repeated editions includedAmin Maaluf 10 times, repeated editions includedAlbert Cossery 3 timesand Fatima Mernissi9 3 times, repeated editions included. From till in Belgrade existed a magazine Kulture Istoka Cultures of the Eastspecialized in philosophy, literature and culture of both Middle and Far East.

Another extremely successful translations were by the late Jovan Kuzminac Given all previously said, we find it quite challenging to discuss major phases in Arabic translation tradition in Serbia. Only a few publishing houses occasionally try to advertise their editions with billboards, posters, flyers, small catalogues, zaljubljeih mail, etc. Biblija nam govori da je Musa a.

Uvodjenje Zaljubljenih U Vrt Ljubavi

Researchers of Arabic literature should be regarded as excellent mediators. The publishing houses that print such single volume books are all situated in the same area and the most accomplished one, El-Kelimeh, belongs to Islamic Community administration in Sanjaq.

Chart 6 will provide insight to number of single volume translations of Arabic literature zaljubljjenih written in languages other than Arabic. In the meantime, supporting intermediary translations does not sound like such a bad idea given the circumstances.

In spite of the scarcity of the translated single volume titles, we must be pleased with the fact that both the translators and the publishers have done an admirable job in most of the cases and previously mentioned translated literary works prove that without a doubt. Though we are fully aware that the laws of free market apply on books as well, we cannot help but wonder about the motives behind such acts.

Their reviews, articles and studies could attract attention of potential publishers to some new, yet undiscovered names, styles and phenomena in this literature.


Uvoenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim

Remember me on this computer. Pre-formative period would roughly refer to the very first translations of Arabic texts even before the foundation of the Department until the late sixties.

In spite the great efforts, the data we have found were incomplete, especially regarding the language s from which the translations were made. Most of the publishing houses specialized in the religious literature are situated in of Sanjaq, the area populated with Muslim majority. Before analyzing the issue of print run, we must say that many of the annexed bibliographical units do not have number of copies attached to them.

All the concerned authorities, zaljbuljenih on the local level and in the Arab countries, such as ministries of culture and other concerned organizations and parties, should be animated to take on a much more active role in it. And that payment, we are also speaking from our experience, covers everything: The main focus of this paper will be on the translations of Arabic literature from Arabic and via pjubavi languages.

That level of the linguistic knowledge is insufficient for the demands of the literary translation.

Knjiga o duši – ابن قيم الجوزية, Mustafa Prljača • BookLikes (ISBNX)

In the period from till the total of translations from Arabic zaljubljenib published in Serbia both as single volume books and articles. This applies for both literary and non-literary translations, via all the languages we have included in this research.

All the other literary publications belong to formative and modern periods. We do not imply here that only the masterpieces should be translated, but we believe that literary evaluation as well as translation should be left to competent professionals.

In our opinion, the first task for Arabic translators and researchers is to provide continuity and steadiness in translating and publishing tempo. From this chart we can see that the number of titles was growing, and we can suppose that the same trend was present in the later years. That is why we have to conclude that organizing at 12 Kajjij Kujovic, who transferred from Sarajevo to the Belgrade Department of Arabic language and literature because of the civil war, had begun translating after she left again, this time for Montenegro, where she works as a scientific consultant in Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts.


Still, we have not noticed that this situation helped the print runs to increase. There is another issue: Next Page Foundation — internet edition http: Translations from Arabic into Serbian 5 The chart was taken from: Yet, there is still space for more cooperation between the concerned parties and it should be used wisely and to its maximum.

Translations from Arabic in Serbia, | Dragana Djordjevic –

Though we fully agree with the need for such reviews, we find that studies in translation itself are almost completely lacking, as well as critical analyses of the translatins. HOW it gets translated? Biblija ne spominje Hidra a.

Translators could inform themselves on the most current news; they could organize workshops and meetings to exchange experiences, or even specialized courses. Das Elixir der Glueckseligkeit. Not only that they publish translations, but they also give room to publishing various literary studies that shed more light on this literature. Biblija nam ni na jednom svom mjestu ne kazuje o narodima Adu i Semudu- narodima dvojice poslanika, Huda i Saliha a.

Works of Arabic literature written in other languages have in general larger print runs, and judging by the bibliography, they are more likely to have repeated editions. Translated works of Arabic literature are rarely reviewed in specialized magazine by non-experts, i.

The quantity of electronic media coverage depends on how much attention does a publishing house pay to promoting its accomplishments. Tirmizijina zbirka hadisa sa komentarom. It is obvious that the translated works in modern period showed a vast variety and innovation of genres. Most of the published translations were oriented to presenting previous achievements, thus filling the terrible gap that existed. Saadawy, 4th edition] We believe that such cooperation could encourage the translation activity in both directions and give tremendous results if planned carefully.

Percentage of the estimated tax free price of the whole print run can also be taken as the basis of the payment. Samizdat B92, Beograd: Literature on the last page and Oriental Library at the University of Belgrade.