ICC ANSI A117.1-2003 PDF

Trademarks: “ICC,” the International Code Council logo and “Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities (ICC/ANSI Al )” are trademarks of the. This Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities (ICC Al) is a The edition of ANSI Standard A presented the first criteria for accessibil. ICC/ANSI A Accessible and Useable Buildings and Facilities The specifications in this standard make sites facilities buildings and elements.

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Spacing between individual char- acters shall be 10 percent minimum and 35 per- cent maximum of the character height.

Floor surfaces shall be stable, firm, and slip resistant, and shall comply with Section The exit door discharging to the outside or to the level of exit discharge shall have a tactile sign stating “EXIT. Without advance written permissionfrom the copyright owner, no part of this book may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including, without limitation, electronic, optical or mechanical means by way of example, and not limitation, photocopying, or recording by or in an information storage retrieval system.

The indication of an uppercase letter or letters shall only be used before the first word of sentences, proper nouns and names, individual letters ans the alphabet, ini- tials, or acronyms. In Type A units, grab bars are a1117.1-2003 required to be installed where reinforcement com- plying with Section Edges shall be rounded. Standards Subsctiption may be the perfect solution.

Accessible car and van parking spaces shall comply with Section This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions.

State Building Code – ICC/ANSI A Code Interpretations

In standard roll-in showers with seats, the controls and hand shower shall be located on the back wall, no more than 27 inches mm maximum from the end wall behind the seat. Accessible automatic teller machines and fare machines shall comply with Sec- tion In Type B units located in institutional facili- ties and assisted living facilities, two swing-up grab bars a117.1-203 be permitted to be installed in a117.1-0203 of the rear wall and side wall grab bars.

Symbols of acces- sibility and their backgrounds shall have a nonglare finish. The control button ani the emergency stop, alarm, door open, door close, main entry floor, and phone, shall be identified with tactile symbols as shown in Table Treads shall be 1 1 inches mm minimum in depth.

Existing manually operated hoistway swing doors ansk be permitted, pro- vided: The minimum area of a wheelchair accessible compartment shall be 60 inches mm minimum in width measured perpen- dicular to the side wall, and 56 inches 1 mm minimum in depth for wall hung water closets, and 59 inches mm minimum in depth for floor mounted water closets measured perpen- dicular to the rear wall.


Table of Contents | ICC/ANSI A – | ICC premiumACCESS

Nasi subject to wet conditions shall be designed to prevent the accu- mulation of water. Doorways shall have a clear opening width of 32 inches mm in power-on and power-off mode. Consensus is established when in the judgement of the ANSI Board of Standards Review, substantial agreement 1a17.1-2003 been reached by directly and materially affected interests.

Signs containing tactile characters shall be located so that a clear floor area 18 inches mm minimum by 18 inches mm minimum, centered on the tactile charac- ters, is provided beyond the arc of any door swing between the closed position and 45 degree open position. Ramp handrails shall extend horizon- tally above the landing 12 inches mm mini- mum beyond the top and bottom of ramp runs. Grab bars shall be 6 inches mm maximum from the adjacent wall.

Con- trol panels shall be centered on a side wall. The procedures a117.-12003 the American Absi Standards Asi require that action be taken periodically to reaffirm, revise, or withdraw this standard. Parking spaces shall be permitted to have access aisles placed on either side of the car or van parking space. Ramp runs shall have a running slope not steeper than 1: Braille dots shall have a domed or rounded shape and shall comply with Table The reopening device shall not require physical contact to be acti- vated, although contact shall be permitted before the door reverses.

A single wheelchair space shall be 36 inches mm minimum in width. Where doors that are subject to locking a11.1-2003 adjacent to a ramp landing, landings shall be sized to provide a turning space complying with Section All components of an accessible route shall comply with the applicable portions of this standard.

ANSI A117.1 (2003): Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

The clear floor space shall be 48 inches mm minimum in length and 30 inches mm minimum in width. Revolving doors, revolving gates, and turnstiles shall not be part of an accessible route. Truncated domes shall have a height of 0. Pictograms shall contrast with their fields, with either a light pictogram on a dark field or a dark pictogram on a light field.

The highest operable part of a two-way communication system shall comply with Section Fire doors shall have the minimum opening force allowable by the appropriate administrative authority.


Audible signals shall sound once for the up direction and twice for the down direction, or shall have verbal annunciators that indicate the direction of ele- vator car travel. Curb ramps at marked crossings shall be wholly contained within the markings, excluding any flared sides. We have no amendments aa117.1-2003 corrections for this standard.

An entry 60 inches mm minimum in width shall be pro- vided. Unless otherwise specified, clear floor space shall be permitted to include knee and toe clearance complying with Section Should a figure appear to illustrate criteria that differ with the text of the Standard, the criteria stated in the text govern. The signal-to-noise ratio for internally generated noise in assistive lis- tening systems shall be 18 dB minimum. A knee clearance of 24 inches mm minimum above the floor shall be permitted at lavatories and sinks used primarily by children ages 6 through 1 2 where the rim or counter surface is 31 inches mm maximum above the floor.

In a Type B unit, when a side wall is not available for a inch mm grab bar, the sidewall grab bar shall be per- mitted to be 18 inches mm mini- mum in length, located 12 inches mm maximum from the rear wall and extending 30 inches mm minimum from the rear wall.

The highest operable part of the telephone shall comply with Section Where parking spaces or access aisles are not adjacent to another parking space or access aisle, measurements shall be permit- ted to include the full width of the line defining the parking space or access aisle.

Allowable stresses shall not be exceeded for materials used where a vertical or horizontal force of pounds 1 1 12 N 61 Chapter 6. Where the panel is changed, it shall comply with Section Doors and gates shall be low energy power operated doors or gates complying with Section Ramp runs with a rise greater than 6 inches mm shall have handrails com- plying with Section Receivers required for use with an assistive listening system shall include a V 8 -inch 3.

There shall be a clearance of V’ 2 inches 38 mm minimum below the grab bar. Doors shall be located in the front partition or in the side wall or partition farthest from the water closet.