lished in the National Federation Spirit Rules Book for both non-competitive . No school belonging to this Association shall organize its Boys Basketball teams, . The IHSA Constitution and By-laws are the framework of rules that govern interscholastic Coaches’ Rules Meeting Attendance Boys Basketball. Officials are licensed in 16 different sports: baseball, basketball, football, Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rules for all applicable sports.

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Site Index Change Password. The committee also recommended extending the coaching box to 28 feet from the end line, increased from the foot coaching box that the IHSA currently uses. Illinois High School Association Phone: These individuals are relied upon to help relay annual rule changes to other officials, as well as to biok proper rules, mechanics and technique to new and veteran officials alike.

Corporate Sponsorship Policy Bpok, weekend and Sunday packages.

High school basketball: IHSA basketball committee recommends ‘mercy rule’ running clock

In addition to misconduct violations related to Rulethe head coach will be officially warned for the first violation of Rule regarding the coaching box.

Web Design by Gravity Works. Office Hours Monday-Friday, 8: Foreign Exchange and International Student Eligibility 5.

Changes in Rules d and regarding uniforms were approved by the committee, including restrictions on identifying names that can be placed in the allowable area of the jersey.

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Officials | IHSA

Making the Weekly Eligibility Check 8. School Equipment Use Policy The Board of Directors approves interpretations for situations that need elaboration or are not specifically mentioned in the Constitution and By-laws. Affirmative Action Policy Grouping and Seeding State Tournament Series The committee made the recommendation at its annual meeting in Bloomington last week.


The running clock would not be used during state tournament games.

State associations may alter the length and placement of the foot coaching box. The committee also approved a change in the way officials signal a foul against a player. Guidelines for Non-School Competition Illinois High School Association Phone: A line drawn from the sideline toward the team bench becomes the end of the coaching box toward the end line. The rule would affect regular season games and regular season tournament games.

Officials are required to view an online rules presentation and take an online rules examination every year in every sport in which they are licensed.

Emancipated Student Eligibility 4. Stay connected to us wherever you are! Criteria for Increasing Classes Site Index Change Password.

Many officials are licensed by the IHSA in more than one sport. In other ryle, the rules committee approved enlarging the coaching box from 14 feet to 28 feet. The proposed running clock would be used only in the fourth quarter.

Boys Basketball

Emerging Sports Policy Officials are licensed in 16 different sports: Basketball ranks third in popularity among both boys and girls at the high school level withandparticipants, respectively, according to the NFHS Athletics Participation Survey.

Entry Policy and Procedures Accommodation Policy for Students With Disabilities Current Articles Archives Search. As the end of the school term, there were more than 13, different individuals licensed with IHSA in the Officials Department. Play Smart Play Hard. The coaching box now shall be bounded by a line drawn 28 feet from the end line toward the division line.


Office Hours Monday-Friday, 8: Similar to what the IHSA uses in football, the basketball game clock would run continuously once one team has a lead of 30 points or more. Plan your weekend and catch up on the news with our newsletters.

Application for Approval of Cooperative Team Member school coaches have a direct effect on the officials who work the IHSA’s postseason State Series contests by rating the performance of officials throughout the school year. Office Hours Monday-Friday, 8: Illinois High School Association Phone: Rules and will both have a ru,e stating that a warning is not required prior to calling a technical foul.

Learn uhsa about becoming a licensed officialor start the application process! The panel in the shoulder area on the back of the jersey may be used for placing an identifying name as well. Site Index Change Password.

In such situations, the clock baskrtball stop only for timeouts, removal of an injured or disqualified player and administering technical foul free throws. Trademark and Royalty Policy