It is a customizable wholesale Mbps service offered to Intelsat partners that aggregates Intelsat’s prime space segment (Intelsat EpicNG and select wide beams). Intelsat 33e, also known as ISe, is a high throughput geostationary communications satellite operated by Intelsat and designed and manufactured by Boeing on the BSSMP platform. It is the second satellite of the EpicNG service, and will cover Europe, Africa. Built by Boeing and based on the award-winning Intelsat EpicNG design, Horizons 3e will bring high throughput satellite solutions in both.

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Intelsat’s Next CEO is Hoping for Epic Wave

For us we are preparing the network to be ready. Keep in mind that Epic satellites are replacing older satellites. Is it behind schedule? Payloads deployed from other spacecraft are enclosed in brackets.

Intelsat Touts Epic’s High Revenue Throughput Potential

They will serve media applications and broad regions for mobility in areas of lower traffic density. In the government sector we are looking more long-term. Since the architectures are different, the transitions will require some customer involvement, as is true with any satellite transfer.

This is an exciting time in our industry. We have to be competitive with others in the marketplace. Each of the Epics that we build will advance the technology step dpic step, ultimately leading to a software definable platform. Inteleat from ” https: In MayIntelsat made a second order for an additional four Epic NG satellites, the first of which would be Intelsat 33e.


Zuckerberg may be talking about is how they expand their user base. Epi September 9,Intelsat announced that due to a malfunction in the LEROS primary thruster, it would require more time for orbit rising and thus the service date had been moved from the last quarter of to the first of Select one or more mailing lists: Thruster failure may reduce ISe’s operational life, but not by much”. It is the progressive evolution of intelsqt leading global satellite and terrestrial infrastructure, incorporating C, Ku and Ka spot beams into our fleet to create differentiated solutions for customer applications.

Its growth is probably going to need a catalyst like sports.

Will you need to develop Ka-band capacity to complement WGS? The Epic NG series also keep the use of inte,sat beams to offer high throughput and broadcast capabilities in the same satellite. McDonnell said this is likely to change at some point.

Backward compatibility; use of existing network infrastructure and customer-preferred network intlsat Forward compatible as ground technology advances High throughput, high efficiency, high availability enables smaller terminals, supporting growing applications such as maritime and aeronautical mobility services, and benefitting increasingly data-centric services like cellular backhaul Frequency band cross-strapping Q My understanding is that they do, for a launch in Q1 Home News Opinion Video.


Archived from the original on The Epic NG is characterized by the implementation of frequency reuse due to a mix of frequency and polarization in small spot beams. They are coming over to Epic with larger commitments. This will be a key part of the Intelsat Epic ecosystem that will enable new applications.

Intelsat 33e – Wikipedia

Consent Management Privacy Policy. So no problems with the satellite or launch vendors?

You read and agreed to our Privacy Epoc. The same is true for MultiChoice on Intelsat Traditional capacity will still be very relevant for a wide range of applications and bandwidth requirements, thanks to its unique broadcasting and content distribution ability within wide beams all around the world.

Intelsat typically seeks an internal rate of return of between 15 and plus percent when it weighs a decision to build a new satellite, depending on whether it is a well-established, financially sound customer taking the capacity.

Our Customer Solutions team will work with customers closely to develop the optimal solution for their requirements. We see more of an impact of troop withdrawal than sequestration and the budget in Views Read Edit View history.

We provide several very popular video neighborhoods in Latin America, Africa, India and other regions.