Thin film chemically resistant epoxy novolac tank lining. • Excellent heat and solvent resistance. • Suitable for the storage of hot water up to 95°C (°F). Interline Regulatory. Data. A high performance, highly crosslinked two component epoxy novolac tank lining, with excellent heat and solvent resistance. International Interline is a high performance highly crosslinked two component epoxy novolac tank lining. Call

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We think you have liked this presentation. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Published by Clare Gaines Modified over 3 years ago. We work closely with the owners to provide technical support and ensure our products meet their needs through test work.

Our support ensures that the owners see the true value of using International Paint products. On-site we can provide technical consultation on choice of paint for difficult maintenance jobs as well as 3999 Support Representatives to attend application of the paint and train the applicator.

The main function of finishes is to resist the damaging effects of the sun which is normally interpreted in coatings as ultraviolet UV resistance as well corrosion protection. UV resistance is the ability of a finish coat to maintain its colour and gloss level over an extended period of time providing high aesthetic appearance A 3 coat zinc based system was chosen from International Paint.

The Interzinc 22 primer and Intergard HS intermediate give long-term corrosion resistance interrline the Interthane topcoat provides a long-term cosmetically good finish.

Surface tolerant Interplus was used to prime the hydro blasted steel followed by epoxy intermediate Interseal HS and a interlins coat of Interthane Manually cleaned and washed with fresh water Two coats of Interzone applied with conventional intedline equipment and a brush. Application of Interzone grey Final appearance of Interzone yellow. Interzinc 22 was applied to the grit blasted surface in the interlind and once installed on site Intertherm 50, aluminium silicone was applied.

Zinc provides inadequate resistance in closed, sometimes wet intsrline.

The gas driers are filled with SilicaGel to absorb moisture from the gas. Previous zinc silicate and aluminium silicone system had failed. After the coating had cured the insulation was replaced on the stripper columns. Inspected again after 28 months and was still in good condition.


Also passed second inspection in October International Paint linings can protect both steel and concrete substrates from attack by a wide range of aggressive chemicals.

Normally used to protect steel storage tanks. Thin film to offer the lowest cost per square meter in terms of material cost. Interline Multi-purpose epoxy phenolic tank lining. Suitable for immersion in hydrocarbons including biofuels. Applies reinforced lining system at faster rates than conventional hand lay systems. Lined with Interline Brine tank in Malaysia.

Internally lined with Interline These hand applied systems give long interlinr chemical resistance, ideal for concrete tanks and secondary containment areas.

Ceilcote CeilLine Systems The flexible base layer in the CeilLine systems give crack bridging properties which means that if the concrete moves and cracks after application of the system the topcoat will remain intact and not crack. Ceilcote HB Widely specified in Flue Gas De-Sulphurisation equipment — Ceilcote has excellent high temperature resistance and this high build version can be applied to the correct thickness in 2 coats instead of 3.

Does not required any other layers or rollering as traditional reinforced system do. Enviroline HT High temperature immersion resistant thick film lining. Externally lined with Enviroline F High temperature process vessel in Italy. Intercrete products are used with an elastic reinforcement tape to seal the gap between the tank and the tank base.

The Intercrete system is has good adhesion to both concrete and steel to prevent water entering The Intercrete system also has good flexibility to allow for differential movement of steel and concrete. The system creates a flexible waterproof seal which will allow for the different movement of the steel and concrete. The cementitious rebuilding products can be used to repair damaged and degraded concrete.

International Paint Ltd. Oil & Gas Solutions – ppt video online download

The linings can be used in areas of continuous immersion, such as storage tanks and also in areas of splash and spill such as secondary containment areas. The products are applied to concrete which is wet with clean water meaning that you do not need to wait for innterline concrete to dry before applying Intercrete. Usually used to repair and protect concrete tanks.

Can be bulked out with stones for deeper holes. Applied to a water saturated substrate. Withstand water pressure up to 10 bar. Can be feather- edged to 0mm. Used to fill blow holes etc.


Heat Resistant Coating – AkzoNobel Interline Authorized Wholesale Dealer from Mumbai

Applied by trowel can be bagged rubbed. Ceilcote MR was selected to protect the absorber against the high temperature chemical attack. One thick coat of Polibrid E was applied to the bund and hydro tested the same day The flexibility of Polibrid allows it to move with the concrete substrate and not crack.

Coating passes BS EN showing suitability for use in this environment. Coating tested to BS EN showing suitability for use in this environment. The contractor recommended Enviroline F cured epoxy novolac lining following 3 years successful experience using the product. The quick cure of the coating allows quick back filling of the pipe and also reduces the good weather window required to apply the coating.

This saved the customer money and allowed quick completion of the job. Interline was spray applied using rotating airless spray equipment. Oman 39 Corporation Applicator: Jindal Saw Ltd Location: Specialised products can be used to solve most difficult issues on site.

International Paint provide high levels of service to both owners and applicators whilst adhering to strict business principles practices from Akzo Nobel. The act of splitting or separating a. Marine Coatings All products supplied and technical advice or recommendations given are subject to our standard Conditions of Sale.

Responsibility Surface preparation of galvanized steel for over-coating is often overlooked in the project bidding process.

International Paint Ltd. Oil & Gas Solutions

In the absence of up-front. Materials used in the external walls. Brick Bricks are probably the oldest manufactured material we have today. Although the method of production has. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

International Interline 399

Auth with social network: Registration Forgot your password? Download ppt “International Paint Ltd. Definition The act of splitting or separating a intwrline into layers. Polycoat D What is it?. Selection, Preparation, Installation and Troubleshooting.

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