Iolanthe; or, The Peer and the Peri is a comic opera with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto .. By recurrence and metamorphosis of themes Sullivan made the score more fluid”. Sullivan’s overture was superior in structure and orchestration to. Buy Iolanthe (Vocal Score) by Arthur Sullivan at W.S. Gilbert. The Gilbert and Sullivan classic. Iolanthe, or the Peer & the Peri: Vocal Score with Dialogue [William S. Gilbert, Arthur Sullivan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Vocal.

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Numerous other professional and amateur productions have been given of this enduring work, and various other recordings have been issued.

Iolanthe (Murray orchestration) – or The Peer and the Peri

Naxos Javascript not enabled. The Reward of Merit?

The political party system, the law and other institutions also come in for a dose of satire. He had also created several “fairy comedies” at the Haymarket Theatre in the early s.

BBC, 20 September See also Ffrench, Andrew. She had a son by this illicit marriage, Strephon, who is, therefore, half mortal and half fairy. Music rehearsals began in September, and staging iolantthe in October, scheduled around performances of Gilbert and Sullivan ‘s previous opera, Patiencewhich had transferred to the Savoy Theatre a year earlier. When I went to the Bar Lord Chancellor They offer online, or at least e-mail, ordering, and shipment to anywhere in the world.

Desperate, Iolanthe unveils, ignoring the warnings of the unseen Fairies, revealing that she is his long-lost wife, and Strephon iooanthe his son. The fairies laugh that Iolanthe appears too young to have a grown son, as one of the advantages of a fairy’s immortality is that they iiolanthe grow old.

After the passage of 25 years, the fairies, still missing Iolanthe deeply, plead with their Queen to pardon Iolanthe and to restore her place in fairyland “Tripping hither, tripping thither”.

Iolanthe”Opera NewsVol. Rehnquistformer Chief Justice of the United Stateswas a great Gilbert and Sullivan fan jolanthe and was inspired by the scre of the Lord Chancellor, in a production of Iolantheto add four golden stripes to the sleeves of his judicial robes.


Two characters in IolantheStrephon and Phyllis, are described as Arcadian shepherds. Private Willis, on night guard duty, paces outside the Palace of Westminster and muses on political life “When all night long a chap remains”.

Gilbert presented his basic idea for a new opera to Arthur Sullivan in October Before he had arrived at [his publisher’s] office he had the idea of writing about a galactic empire, based on the historical structure, rise, and fall of the Roman Empire. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

The science fiction writer Isaac Asimov was a Gilbert and Sullivan fan. The arrangements are scored for as few as 12 or 13 instrumentalists or as many as the music director cares iolnathe include and still maintain a balanced, artistic accompaniment.

Iolanthe by W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

iiolanthe Gilbert had written an earlier work called Happy Arcadia. Please Contact the Hire Library: Nay, tempt me not Phyllis Tolloller tells Mountararat that his family’s tradition would require the two Earls to duel to the death if the latter were to claim Phyllis.

This number, while in the Schirmer vocal score ed. The beloved fairy Iolanthe, who arranged the fairies’ songs and dances, committed the capital crime under fairy law of marrying a mortal human. Iolanthe”Opera NewsJuneVol. Click on the following links to go directly to their Iolanthe score sales pages: Operas by Gilbert and Sullivan English-language operas English comic operas operas Operas Operas set in England Operas set in London Operas set in fictional, mythological and folkloric settings.

Unfortunately, when he declares that he has decided to marry Phyllis himself, scode is forced to reveal her true identity although this will mean forfeiting her life.

Retrieved from ” http: Lyric and Libretto by W. On 8 Februaryhe signed a new five-year creative partnership agreement with Gilbert and Carte; Gilbert was already at work on their next piece, Princess Ida. Strephon is despondent, however, as dcore Lord Chancellor has forbidden them to marry, partly because he feels that a shepherd is unsuitable for Phyllis, but partly because the Lord Chancellor wishes to marry Phyllis himself. Although he protests that Iolanthe is his mother, his claims are met with derision by Phyllis and the peers who are unaware of his parentage and even the intervention of the Queen of the Fairies cannot persuade them otherwise.


With vocal melody, piano reduction, lyrics and introductory text.

Pieces based on Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘Iolanthe’. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4. Soon Phyllis arrives, and she and Strephon share a moment of tenderness as they plan their future and possible elopement “Good-morrow, good lover”; “None shall part us from each other”. Strephon shall not only become a Member of Parliamentbut will also have the power to pass any bill he proposes “With Strephon for your foe, no doubt”.

Sullivan’s biographer, Arthur Jacobswrote: The Lord Chancellor arrives dressed for bed and describes a nightmare caused by his unrequited love for Phyllis “Love, unrequited, robs me of my rest”. By recurrence and metamorphosis of themes Sullivan made the score more fluid”. Iolanthe opened in London on 25 Novemberat the Savoy Theatre to a warm reception, and ran for performances, the fourth consecutive hit by Gilbert and Sullivan. New lighting technologies made such special effects as sparkling fairy wands possible for the first time.

For SATB chorus, piano accompaniment and 11 solo voices. Strephon now leads both parties in Parliamentbut he is miserable at losing Phyllis. This new version has single wind and brass together with percussion and strings and can be performed effectively with 15 instrumentalists whilst providing colour and balance as close to the original as possible. They are all smitten with Phyllis, and they have appealed to the Lord Chancellor to decide who will have her hand.

Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.