Ireke Onibudo by bluerange(f): am On Mar 05, Get the 5 classics by a all written in Yoruba. Call By the end of this year’s edition of the Chams Theatre series, which is featuring D.O. Fagunwa’s, Ireke Onibudo, theatre goers in. Ireke Onibudo, at the National Arts Theatre appraises the production against the background of the development of the stage performing art in.

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Extensive reportage and reviews in themedia confirmed the strong interestpresentation of the plays elicited withlocal and international stakeholders ofthe company.

His latter works also consider the traditional society. Have you paused to ask why some of our brothers abroad prefer to speak with us in our native tongue rather iree in English? Kudos still to Chams Plc.

Ireke Onibudo – Literature – Nigeria

By the time, it got to the Ile Ife onSeptember 24, enthusiasm and interestwas at fever pitch. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Aladekomo said the firm hasalso acquired the rights to works bywriters from other parts of Nigeriain order to broaden the appeal aswell as showcase the universality ofpositive values shared by Nigeriancommunities.

He was born in Oke-Igbo, Ondo State. Hotel Review Rock Valley Hotel. The hero performs all the tasks successfully through the help of his mother. His story runs alongside a fable told by his dead mother: The five works essentially deal with Yoruba traditional society. Children drawn from schools across Lagos also saw the English adaptation on Monday, November 9 at the same venue. He puts an interesting twist to thetale as the hunters accomplish the last of many teststhe good king of the nearest town to Langbodo givesthem.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. As I savour the expertise of Prof Femi Osofisan in bringing this complex plot to stage and the exquisite delivery of the cast, I glance across my shoulder to acknowledge if my Igbo friend was in the same reverie with me. In part because of its novelty, in part because of the richness of language, in part because it treated familiar themes and because it relied heavily on folklores with which people were familiar, Ogboju Ode was an instant success.

Town met gown in Ibadan as thecivil society joined the academia towatch presentation of the play. It isalso a means of promoting our cultureand re-orienting Nigerians to the valuesthat we hold dear. A chief of the Yoruba, Fagunwa studied at St.

Still, The Fabulous Adventures of a Sugarcane Man mirrors at large the curious trajectory of Nigerian theatre in the last four decades: He returns to a heroic welcome and takes timeto enthral his fellow citizens with hair-raising ac-counts of his escapades.

It was a great beginning indeed. Both adaptations gave prominence to the interplay of humour, as well the presence of all dramatic ingredients which Fagunwa injected into the writing of the play, like fables, folktales, poetry, perseverance, love etc.

Fagunwa’s Ireke Onibudo now on video

Akaraogun enlistssix other brave hunters and then go on an excitingjourney of discovery suffused with dangers and thrills. Both plays will also be staged in Abuja and Akure before the series ends on November The answer is not farfetched; we value ourselves at a distance.


We believe thosevalues should prompt action in oursociety. I told him what he was missing in the area of the music lyrics.

He was a teacherand writer. He died in a motor accident in This site uses cookies. Isola uses the flashback technique as the nowaged Akaraogun looks back at irkee adventures he andhis fellow hunters undertook.

The effects brought life to the performance. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that the sponsors will also be taking the Chams Theatre Series to schools,s allowing for students from selected schools in four cities to ideke adults to experience the thrill of live theatre from the D.

Thereafter, the sly, wicked fox of ill-conceived government policies like Structural Adjustment Programme devoured the growing spirit of a blossoming Nigerian theatre.

Akaraogun grows in influence as news of his incred-ible journey spreads. His journeytakes him through many weird experi-ences and encounters with spirits, elves, mermaids,witches, monsters and the multifarious dwellers of theforest. Such spatial limitations do not matter to Osofisan, whose enduring style is to extend the stage far beyond its allotted boundary into the audience.

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