Absolute and relative reliability of isokinetic and isometric trunk strength testing using the IsoMed dynamometer. Roth R(1), Donath L(2). extension measurements using the IsoMed system, Isokinet Exerc Sci knee extension: A reproducibility study using the IsoMed dynamometer. The purpose of this study was to determine relative as well as absolute reproducibility for the IsoMed dynamometer in measuring Peak.

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A sample of 33 healthy young subjects age: In case of using a TFT monitor iwomed touch-screen-function, you can work completely without mouse and keyboard.

Locomotion Laboratory

The test source is delivered in a lead shielding. Based on the systematic errors found for flexor measurements and a clear improvement in reproducibility parameters from T1-T2 to T2-T3 for nearly all measurements, we recommend the use of a familiarisation session prior to actual testing. The purpose of this study was to determine relative as well as absolute reproducibility for the IsoMed dynamometer in measuring Peak Torque PT during concentric and eccentric maximum knee extension at two angular velocities.

In addition to the optimized device software, which is also Windows 7 compatible, the measuring chamber is now connected with the PC system via USB interface.

In order for an isokinetic device to be clinically useful, the reliability of specific applications must be established. Intraclass correlation coefficients ICC 2,1 of 0. Further statistical calculations were done between consecutive pairs of sessions T1-T2; T2-T3. This study investigated the effect of a week recreational skiing intervention on lower limb muscle strength and cardiorespiratory fitness in participants with unilateral total knee arthroplasty TKA.


Reproducibility for isometric and isokinetic maximum knee flexion and extension measurements using the IsoMed dynamometer. The mini-PC is available as a small desktop-PC or as a microtower and is mainly used in those locations where it is possible to build in the system, for example behind the cover of a hot cell or below a work bench.

However, the results of individual evaluation show that the BFD was more frequent in the NT in most measurements. Thirty five physically active male subjects mean age: Limit Results 25 50 Muscular adaptations in older adults with unilateral total knee arthroplasty following 12 weeks of alpine skiing.

Absolute and relative strength-endurance of the knee flexor and extensor muscles: Cookies akzeptieren Mehr Informationen.

An essential factor for radiation exposure which may occur, for example, in the hot laboratory of a PET-CT system, 20000 the process isomedd drawing up the PET activity from the delivered supply container e.

Above all, the long-term 200 and user-friendliness of the predecessor models served as a basis for the current model. However, to date, only a few studies have concentrated on multi-joint MJ leg strength measurements.

The response is checked by repeatedly measuring the test source entered in the system which is used for calibration and comparing the mean value with the actual target value. A few years ago, the broad variety of existing products was extended by the IsoMed dynamometer. Moderate to high reproducibility was shown for the IsoMed system in measuring PF during concentric and eccentric isokinetic leg extension.


Different measuring chambers are available, depending on the performance requirements.


Each check can be selected here and can be executed very simply by following the onscreen instructions. KADabs was calculated as the mean value of all testing repetitions, KADrel was determined in two ways: The influencing factors for containers e.

However, even years after TKA, quadriceps muscle strength is still impaired leading to a consistent side-to-side asymmetry in subjects with unilateral TKA Maffiuletti et al. The software documents the production process of the radioactive medications in compliance with GMP, including all necessary additives, records the production and documents the application in the patient.

In addition to the above mentioned complete systems, we also isomer a basic module consisting of measuring chamber and ISOMED program. Although there have already been single studies on this topic for the IsoMed concerning maximum strength measurements, there has been no study regarding the assessment of strength-endurance so far.

Isomed introduction

Other PC isomde possible on request e. Intraclass correlation coefficients ICC 2,1 were calculated to assess relative reproducibility, whereas absolute reproducibility was determined by the standard error of measurement SEM.

The results of all measurements can be represented in tabular form.