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She received jerre PhD in Two separate analyses of the data were per- formed. Sign in Create an account. The purpose of the subject-analysis was to test the validity of the various hypotheses raised previously regarding the directions and magnitudes of asymmetry scores in P, Non-P, and S categories.

Norman Adler for allowing her to duplicate 32 of his vacation slides, and to Drs.

Please review our privacy policy. Shelly – – Journal of Experimental Psychology 53 6: Journal List Genetics v. These results, taken together, are interpreted to mean that, in viewing pictures, the right ldvy specialized hemisphere is selectively activated, producing a bias of attention toward and a psychological weighting of the left side of space.

Jerre Levy

These observa- tions are similar to those of SWARTZ and HEWITT [27] who found that a very small, but significant, majority of right-handers preferred the original versions of famous paintings as compared with levh mirror images, while left-handers did not. Support Center Support Center.

It may be that those pictures in which movement or implied or potential movement is present are preferred when the movement is from left to right.

Left and right in pictures. Subjects were simply asked to view the 97 slide pairs and to choose the member of each pair that jerte preferred. Fifth, the degree of per- ceived asymmetry in P and Non-P slides should be equal when compared after the control slide baseline has been subtracted out, since, once this is done, psychological asymmetry is removed.


She earned a degree in psychology from the University of Miami in Slides were projected through two duplicate Sawyer 2 x 2 in.

IV, North-Holland, Amsterdam, When dextral preferences are very weak S slidesthere is a slight, but significant, perceived left asymmetry.

Views Read Edit View history. They may even seem to conflict with the conclusions of Schlosser, Wblfflin and Opp6 to the effect that the most important content of works of art are located jerrs the right half of the picture.

Psychobiological implications of bilateral asymmetry

Please study each slide carefully in order to determine its balance with respect to the left and right sides of the slide. Trevarthen reasoned that in an animal with laterally specialized functions in the two sides of the brain, selective hemispheric activation could and would emerge from cognitive activity specialized in a single hemisphere and would be reflected in an orientation reflex, or its covert homologue, an attentional bias, to the contralateral half of space.

Studies of people with unilateral lesions [6, 7] with total forebrain commissurotomy [], and with intact neurological function see [13] for review all confirm that in the typical right-handed individual, though the left hemisphere is predominant for verbal functions, the right is predominant for visuo-spatial tasks, including spatial relations, spatial location, visual matching, face recognition, and imagistic encoding.

The sexes within each handedness category were, therefore, combined.

Jerre Levy – Wikipedia

One would guess that one of the two factors derives from cerebral lateralization, that the other is extrinsic to it, and the two variables are negatively correlated in S slides for subjects with typical dextral brain organization. She has also found evidence that the left hemisphere specializes in linear reasoningwhile the right brain is levvy involved in holistic reasoning. In the first three of these, the center of focus is on the left in the cartoons and on the right in the tapestries, while in the Death of Ananias, this is reversed.

The number of subjects in Group SD choosing the ” B ” version of each of the 97 slide pairs was noted, and Xz tests were performed on each of the 97 distributions. In Study II, a group of 23 right-handed judges was shown a random selection of 7 of the 14 P slides, the remaining 7 shown in the non-preferred orientation, and 14 slides randomly selected from those pairs which showed jeerre totally symmetric preference for Group SD.


However, of greatest interest is the finding that the left- and kevy in the experimental group showed a significant preference difference, and in the direction predicted by the hemispheric jeere hypothesis.

Preferences of one group of right handers were predictive of preferences for another group of right banders, but not of left handers. Post – – Manuscrito 22 2: She postulates that there is a certain fixed path, the “glance-curve,” which viewers follow jfrre a picture space of three dimen- sions. Articles from Genetics are provided here courtesy of Genetics Society of America.

This inter- pretation would be not jeerre consistent with Wflfflin’s, Schlosser’s and Oppf’s conclusions, but also with the stress on balance in paintings as a first determinant of good art.

A Model for the Genetics of Handedness

Hartwell – – Mind 9 Materials Ninety-seven vacation slides, whose subject matter included street scenes, architecture, wildlife, and natural scenery, 65 contributed by the author and 32 contributed by a colleague, were placed in a slide projector carousel labeled “A”random as to order and random as to front-back orientation.

In support of his belief that this scanning tendency determined the way a picture is perceived, he compared Raphael’s cartoons and the mirror-reversed tapestries based on them and concluded that the full effect of the Miraculous Draught, the Charge to Peter, the Healing of the Lame Man, and the Death of Ananias appears only in the tapestries. A final point which deserves emphasis relates to the evolution of lateral specialization.