The plant is harvested from the wild for local use as a food and medicine. In some areas the plant is not removed when found growing as a weed in cultivated. Dianthera flava Vahl: 5 (). Dianthera americana var. flava (Vahl) Forssk.: 9 ( ). Adhatoda flava (Vahl) Nees (). A. fasciata Nees: (). Justicia flava (Forssk.) Vahl [family ACANTHACEAE]. Herbarium. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K). Collection. Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa. Resource.

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Justicia is a large genus comprising — species. Food composition table for use in Africa. The cuttings should be mm long and treated with a growing hormone jjsticia as Seridex no. Transplant seedlings when they reach a height of mm. Kew Bulletin 38 3: Flowers in terminal spikes, yellow, held in overlapping green bracts covered in long spreading hairs. The inflorescence is said to be a cure for dysentery.

Germination takes place after a week. Justicia flava Other species, cultivated in It is a wonderful ground cover to use flaav sunny spots in the garden. Showing 0 of 0 comments.


Justicia flava — Wikipédia

Erect or trailing, usually perennial herb up to cm tall, pubescent; stem often woody at base. There are 72 citation in scholarly articles related to Justicia flava Vahl Vahl.

The seed capsules of Justicia flava burst open when ripe. There are book citations related to Justicia flava Vahl Vahl. Acanthaceae Part 2 Flora Zambesiaca 8 6 Pages – The flowers of Justicia flava are much visited by bees and other insects.

Justicia flava

Justicia flava Justicia flava – Momella; Tanzania There are 1 study abstracts related to Justicia flava Vahl Vahl. BoxAH Wageningen, Netherlands.

Ground Cover SA Distribution: In Guinea the leaves of Justicia flava are used as a vegetable collected from justicoa wild. A complete revision of all related genera is urgently needed. The flowers are in a terminal inflorescence, and are subtended by large, leaf-like bracts. The seeds have water-absorbent hairs. Flora of southern Africa 30, part 3, fascicle 1.

The seeds should be planted in a mixture of good soil, compost and river sand. Volume 1, Families A—D.


Justicia flava is pollinated by insects and attracts various species of butterflies. Display spot characters for this species. The insects attracts insectivorous birds and therefore add more life in the garden.

West African Plants

It is able to withstand dry conditions. Justicia flava is classified in the section Tyloglossacharacterized by spike-like inflorescences and ammonite-like or rugose seeds, and by its pollen type. Superficially similar to Justicia kirkiana but, apart from being a perennial herb with a more branched, shrubby habit, the leaves are broader ovate, particularly below, and much less hairy.

In Tanzania leaf sap is taken against hookworm and to treat hydrocele, including bathing the affected parts.

Login to add your Comment Not registered yet? Justicia flava Justicia flava x – 11k – jpg www. Lignans from Justicia flava. The petals of the 2-lipped, tubular flowers lfava pale to greenish with a bright yellow lower lip. Justicia flava Vahl Vahl Family: Red data list status: