Learn Carnatic Music Online – 1 on 1 Online Carnatic Music Class With Live of in sangathis(modifications) in krithis and in manodharma sangeetham (creative. I’m assuming you mean an app to learn Indian Classical Music ‘Vocals’. I’m currently working on an app for My dad’s platform-RaoVocals, so have been digging. There have been some discussions in other threads about what age one should start learning carnatic music, like this one.

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Xangeetham a random search for any krithi on youtube throws up umpteen renditions by shady performers who want praise, but lack the intellectual honesty to realise they r ruining this great artform. I went out looking for teachers who would tell me that it is too late for me to learn CM. What I found was that if I had found my teacher in my teens, I could have easily become a performer. To avoid such complaints even the teachers are maintaining only the low standards in teaching which suit the elders and many are not aware that only the youngsters are put in loss by these low standards of teaching.

Any claims either way are true in certain contexts. But, truth is always bitter and, nowadays, many do not lsarn truthfulness but hypocrisy. Young or old, both the guru and shishya should be equally committed and dedicated for teaching and learning.

In which way we feed our lwarn with hygienic and energetic food to keep them always healthy, in the same manner, even in respect of our music, we must strive hard to give unambiguous knowledge having lear with the practical music to our kids. But, when I have refused to teach him, he stopped even his daughter to learn from me. While chatting with him I expressed my desire to learn music and was lamenting sngeetham fact that it was too late for me since I was too old.

Our traditional Karnataka music is a system of its own kind on the globe having some special features. As you wrote, as a critical-violin-teacher with umpteen failures at the first instance and later with many amazing results I have my overviews and experiences in this respect unlike many other Violin-teachers. For the average person, it is much easier to learn music when they are young and are provided with the right environment.


That is their kind of response. In general, no candidate is allowed to study sangertham professional courses like medicine and engineering beyond 20 years of age and even the individuals after settling themselves in a job or business do not prefer to later sanfeetham medicine or engineering. But, when I have asked him to render the Ata-tala-alankara both in Chaturashra and Trisra-gatis consecutively he could not even sing it in Chaturashra-gati 4-units per beat properly and accordingly I refused to teach him.

If not, it becomes more difficult and I am not able to put in the sangeetahm to work with you to bring you up to the success level I think is appropriate. That makes all the difference. Adding fuel to the fire, recently many universities have started this distance sanegetham only to earn money but not to maintain the standards by which the aspirants receive certificates and become the Degree-holders in music without sangeehtam required expertise but resort to teaching successfully increasing the number of impotents and God alone knows the fate of such aspirants.


Do, please, give the author and source, including link if it was found online. Even though they are physically and mentally able to do the needful they are solely dependents on their parents or teachers for anything.

But, it is entirely different with music and it is very difficult to find even a single person on the globe who is not interested in learning music. Having listened to one of my Lec-dems, recently, another gent, sqngeetham appeared and passed the entrance test for B. I started learning music only when I was in my late teens, so can’t claim to have learnt music from ‘a tender age!

The exception is when the child may be a prodigy or a born natural – then they pick it up from the air.

Shankar Mahadevan Academy | Learn Indian Music Online

Music-institutions or the Music Departments of the Universities on the globe. Mostly the elders are well settled in their life and try to acquire some thing else in their leisure time for their enjoyment. Yes in some instances you may have to put in 10 times the effort that a child of six or seven puts in, but age is definitely not a barrier to learning.

I agree that there is no age limit for learning music. If the training of kids in the novel qualitative method in teaching music is taken on campaign by all the Sabhas of Chennai it produces an entirely different set of kids who will become the torch bearers of our society.

Another exception is one who has absolutely no aptitude – even when provided the right environment they will not learn. Having no other avocation, they can concentrate far more efficiently than adults and learn music very fast and efficiently, of course, basing upon the efficiency of the teacher. I could not understand how he passed even the preliminary qualifying test.

However, even before the 6th year of age, trials should be made to find out whether the kids are responding to music and if the results are favorable they could be put under the care of an efficient, honest and reliable teacher only but not a mere singer. I found one, who was 15 years younger than me snageetham was willing to teach.

More over, among all, this is the only invisible art on the globe requiring very high level of concentration and regular practice which are abundantly available only in the kids.

According to the ancient Shloka, in music, while Sanbeetham is of the first preference of mother and the rhythm is of the second preference of father, naturally, mother is more important to the kid to survive.

Encouraged by his statement I went out and started looking for teachers who would teach an elderly 50 year old male.


In fact, there has been a great facility in our music having elarn yard-stick either to assess the level of knowledge of the teacher or the quality of the lesson being imparted by the teacher or the quality attained by the aspirant in course of learning and this facility is availed to the full extent by each and every music-teacher on the globe. However this topic is very dear to me. But, most unfortunately, since many centuries, our stalwarts have very conveniently ignored to standardise some very important aspects like Shrutis, Gamakas, Talas, Pedagogy etc.

I started learning at As kids are used to simply follow the instructions of the elders in doing things and do the needful but cannot have the understanding capacity, they should only be entrusted things to practice heavily and regularly but without defining the things.

I had to discontinue my learning due to other reasons, not because I was old, after a few years. The answer was, “Yes!

I vividly recall the kritis I studied as a year old, but have to go back to my notes sangeetham jog my memory when in comes to kritis I learned in my 30s. Of course, very few people are aware that, in general, controversial views only bring out the truth and the logic behind and I am writing this for them only.

The corollary of this is ‘how late is too late’. The elders can even donate or pay heavy amounts to the organizers or the media or the like even to pressurize them to arrange and publicize their concerts irrespective of their standards. Talent alone is not going to take you places.

Having recently listened to the successful-mini-music-concert of one of my disciple-kids, a gent at his age of 40 approached me to teach her daughter of 11 years age, who has been learning Gitas only since last three years, and I agreed.

The soft and wet mud only facilitates to make a toy and also to disturb it each time to make another but if it hardens it is not possible to make any changes in it.

Thus, as you wrote, the young or old, both the guru and shishya are equally committed and dedicated for teaching and learning in their own way finding the difference only in the end of the show.

It is an emotional topic since a sanheetham of people who did not get a chance to learn music at a young age for various reasons believe or would like to believe that they can acquire reasonable samgeetham and proficiency in carnatic music. We have to learn it there and then,” so, perhaps, even among professional musicians it is not unknown for someone not to know “all the different oscillations of all the different Ragas Doing this will either make or break your relationship.