Law should now take into consideration the new legal situation caused . the asylum (Basaglia, a, b), where there are no Prima della legge The Italian mental health care is based on Law (it. Legge ), also called Legge Basaglia, from the name of the author of the reform, Franco Basaglia. La psicopatologia e la “LEGGE ”. 4 novembre, – I. La prospettiva della psicopatologia. Ho pensato di dare il mio contributo al Quarantennale.

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Everyone made mistakes’ p.

Lectures at the College de France, —74 Basingstoke,p. The Roots of the Recovery Movement in Psychiatry: Social Exclusion and Nation Formation since Cambridge,p. The work with mental suffering, and especially with psychosis, stimulated the psychoanalysts of those years and brought about changes in them, as well as work in the developmental age with children and adolescents.

Though it was written in English, the book was first published in Italian under the playfully ironic title of La ‘Repubblica dei Matti’: I pregiudizi e la conoscenza critica alla psichiatria. In the 50th issue of “Information Sheets: To a large extent it represented the libertarian and anti-institutional movement that in those years was evolving all over the world.

And this reflects, accurately enough, the argument and scope of the book, and the author’s intentions. Basaglia Law or Law Italian: Though the movement began around the asylum in Gorizia, ‘its scope and reach went far beyond the story of Franco Basaglia and Franca Ongaro’ Basaglia’s wife and long-time collaborator. On his first day in charge in Gorizia, Basaglia refused to sign the permits for the restraint of prisoners, and from then on his aim was to introduce democracy within the asylum.

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This law imposed the closure of mental hospitals basagliaa established public mental health services. British Journal of Psychiatry.

Basaglia Law

The environment around the patient could be a tool of care, since perhaps it was indeed the root of discomfort. Partly this is because only a very small proportion of the phenomenal Italian literature on the topic has been translated into English, but also because John Foot is not as helpful as he might have been in citing English translations of Luisa Passerini’s Autobiography of A Generation, or Dora Garcia’s Mad Marginal series, for example even where they are available.


In the late s and early s San Lazzaro became celebrated within radical circles for a series of events known as the calate, or descents, unannounced visits to the asylums of groups of people from the surrounding villages and towns demanding to be allowed to inspect the institution.

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

The case of Emilia-Romagna within the Italian psychiatric context”. British clinical psychologist Richard Bentall argues that after Franco Basaglia had persuaded the Italian government to pass Lawwhich made new hospitalizations to large mental hospitals illegal, the results were controversial. Many psychoanalysts, as well as many psychiatrists and then psychologists, nurses, porters, were to get involved in the work and create an impressive movement.

It was adopted on May 13th F ranco Basaglia is still a household name in Italy. The main long-term consequences of implementation of Law are that: Moreover, as Foot points out, a Basagliacentric account is unfair to Basaglia himself in as much that Basaglia is then made to carry the can for every kind of setback and failing. The Cultural Identities of European Cities. Thoughts caused by personal experience with the open door system and part time service” PDF.

Foot’s purpose is in considerable part to tackle and deconstruct this legacy of myth and misrepresentation and to begin to tell the story of a movement that was inspired, but only partly led, by Basaglia himself.

Articles containing Italian-language text CS1 errors: John Foot gives a much more rounded, and fair, portrait of a complicated, committed man: In Italy, led by the charismatic Franco Bassaglia [sic], the political left led the charge’ p. Psychiatry had become a political fact. Roy Porter dismisses them as resulting in ‘chaos’ and Andrew Scull assimilates Basaglia into a narrative of the closure of asylums that is, by and large, a story of madness cast out and abandoned.

He also abolished any isolation method. It is not sufficient to liberate the ill to restore life, history to the persons who were deprived of their life, their history. Regional Perspectives and Shared Concerns. The asylums of the time in Italy, as indeed all lege the world, were inhabited by patients who had lost the hope of rehabilitation, but sometimes even those who had been put there by chance: Basaglia and his associates belonged to a post-war, anti-fascist generation who cared deeply about human rights and were shocked by the violence and squalor that confronted them in these institutions, the utter disregard, not to say the wilful repudiation, of the humanity of vasaglia inmates.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Franco Basaglia.

In the creation of LawBasaglia was ‘involved in the whole lwgge but he was not the only voice that was heard’. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. The new Italian law was created after conducting the long-term pilot experiments of deinstitutionalization in a number of cities basag,ia GoriziaArezzoTriestePerugiaFerrara between and La Rivista di Psicologia Analitica.

This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat Views Read Edit View history. Law is the first and only law which obliged the closing of asylums and regulated the Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment by establishing Public Mental Health Services. Or were they lost in the outside world? It also did not cause common trans-institutionalization, with the transfer of patients to the private sector, as predicted by its opponents.

Il futuro dei servizi di salute mentale in Italia. By the end of the s, however, it had become a term of abuse, associated especially with the denial, or negation, of mental illness. Rapporto da un ospedale psichiatrico. Today, Basaglia law is being called into question, but it left an important and indelible sign in our culture.

More quickly than at Gorizia or at Trieste, the action shifted away from the asylum, taking issues ‘linked to mental health out into the streets, cities, towns and villages’ of Umbria p. International Journal of Health Services.