, 13(8), ; Zhang, R.; Huang, X.; Jiang, L.; Lei, F.; Qiao, G. Species Differentiation of. Open AccessArticle. Int. J. Mol. Sci. , 13(8), ; /ijms Fumin Lei 1. and Gexia Qiao 1,*. 1. DOI, Department(s), Alterra – Centre for LEI Regional economy & land use. LEI Regional economy & land use.

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In contrast, as demonstrated in Supplementary Fig. B 59— Photoluminescence and structural properties of Ca 3 Y VO 4 3: Manipulating magnetoresistance near room temperature in La 0.

Dual-luminescence-center single-component white-light Sr 2 V 2 O 7: Moving beyond the numbers: As demonstrated in Figs. B 49— A chemical solution approach to epitaxial metal nitride thin films. And then unbounded ions are filtered-off, leading to a homogeneous solution.

B 50— With this regards, metavanadate phosphor films that directly fabricated on organic substrates at room temperature were innovatively reported for w-LEDs 8.

There are no comments yet. It also encouraged learning about ways to make the agricultural sector more sustainable. Relying on the unique role of polymer bound metals, it truly brings a great breakthrough in the field of heteroepitaxial growth.

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pei In this regard, a possible mechanism of electron transition in BVQD system was proposed and schematically demonstrated in Fig. Atomic structure, surface bands, and optical responsePhys. As the spin-coated layer increases, PL emission intensity gradually increases and finally reaches the stability. All authors reviewed the manuscript. B 90R Synthesis, crystal structure and optical properties of BiMgVO 5. Additionally, the easily aging issue of organic substrates would also shorten the life time of the w-LEDs.


Optical and structural properties of single phase epitaxial p-type transparent oxide thin films. All the luminescent measurements were finished at the atmosphere of room temperature, and the solid state BVQD and SVQD on ldi substrates please see the photograph of Fig. Additional Information How to cite this article: As demonstrated in Fig.

Subsequently, the second layer was spin-coated Fig. Although there are several improvements to be made, the evaluation approach was successful in 14060 way that it gave insight into perceptions, visions, and ambitions of agricultural stakeholders with regard to sustainability.

Moving beyond the numbers: a participatory evaluation of sustainability in Dutch agriculture

Record number Title Moving beyond the numbers: Generally, monitoring of the agricultural sector is done by means of quantitative indicators to measure social, ecological, and economic performance. However, its low synthesis temperature regretfully led to the poor crystallinity of as-grown metavanadate films, which would largely sacrifice the luminescent properties.

To give more attention to the normative character of sustainable development, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality requested for a participatory approach to evaluate Dutch agriculture, which was characterized by stakeholder workshops, dialogue, and learning. For a desirable stoichiometry of BVQD or SVQD, inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy was used to determine the final concentration of each solution.

More importantly, for the first time, homogeneous nano-single crystal divanadates quantum dots have been successfully grown on common quartz substrates. The sector was high on the political and societal agenda and plans were developed to redesign the sector into a more sustainable direction.


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As shown in Fig. Thus, 1046 above in-band and inter-band transitions of BVQD may coefficiently produce the broad band emission for white light. 10406 Agriculture and Human Values 27 3. And it contributed to the development of a monitoring approach that is complementary to the quantitative, indicator-based, evaluation approach that is generally used and that can be used every few years to see how perceptions and ambitions of stakeholders have developed. While the above experimental main peak value 2.

The generalized gradient approximation GGA 22 and the electron-ion interaction described by the projector augmented wave PAW scheme 23 Projector augmented-wave methodPhys.

The broad band emission for white light may consist of two parts. These limitations greatly hampered the further commercially expanding of w-LEDs. Usually, kei conventionally structured white light-emitting-diodes w-LEDs rely on a three-ways coupling techniques of GaN-based blue LEDs, yellow-red phosphors and organic materials encapsulation 1234567.

From ultrasoft pseudopotentials to the projector augmented-wave method. To view a copy of this license, visit http: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

Supplementary Material Supporting Information: Additionally, the sectional SEM in Fig. Received Dec 4; Accepted Apr Nature, — The results indicate that the BVQD holds a direct band gap of approximately 2.

These inter-band transitions may constitute the other part of broad emission spectra.