The Leman Russ Punisher is the second “Siege” pattern Russ, and about as close to “enuff Dakka” as the Imperial Guard. Leman Russ Punisher tank from Games Workshop. I have two more of these to paint and assemble – one is one of the older version – with the. Ok so as the title says which would be best? For context i play pure tempestus scions and the leman russ would be played with the storm.

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Though the Hydra Flak Tank is better suited toward ruining Flyers and Skimmers now with its higher ballistic skillheavy infantry and light vehicle rape is still applicable with the Exterminator’s superior skillz against ground targets.

Of rusa, seeing as how Wargaming. Were you looking for Punisheg Russthe wolf of Wall Street? This tank is so awesome that it was first introduced as part of the Third Edition Space Wolves army list the Imperial Guard only had the regular Russ and the Demolisher at the timeas the Wolves wanted to have a few tanks named after their Primarch.

In the newest codex, Multi-melta sponsons share the same cost as Heavy Bolters, so seriously consider taking them if you want to mercilessly slaughter tanks.

Leman Russ Battle Tank – 1d4chan

However these exposed lines can be severed by enemy fire, a contributing factor to many green Executioner crews abandoning the tank at the first sign of trouble since a catastrophic failure can result in the destruction of the tank and anything else in a large area around it.

The Leman Russ Punisher eschews anti-tank effectiveness for the ability to mow down enemy infantry in vast quantities. Scroll to the bottom if you just punisheg the table of results. Sign In Don’t have an account?

Also fares slightly better with sponson meltas. You will say this with pride! I puniser the forward bolt gun in upside down This used to be the bane of Terminator-heavy armies that had gotten used to being nigh-on invulnerable to conventional weaponry; but when this tank reared it’s head, it dethroned the kings of the battlefield.

When introduced it had a weaker cannon lacking AP and with a smaller blast radius but had rules allowing it to fire its gun and sponsons on the move. The Destroyer has got your back. For ten points, it is cost effective.


So they made their own. I actually found some instructions through google! After all, if the enemy’s not on the table, they can hardly contest objectives, can they?

Leman Russ Battle Tank

There is an ongoing joke that if something exists in the grim darkness of the far future, there is a Leman Russ build specifically to kill it. Welcome to Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog.

He believes his gods are on his side. For Warlord trait, give the generic commander Tenacious Survivor.

Again, if you really hate cover, you have the Leman Russ Eradicator; I mean, it’s why the thing exists. I’ve seen others that have put camouflage nets on theirs and I’d like to experiment with that at some point, but I don’t have time right now! Second, three of the Leman Russes – the Demolisher, Punisher, and Executioner – have additional rear armor. However, the supply of Leman Russ Vanquishers is ever-dwindling after the loss of Tigrus, and the Imperial Guard ‘s demand for anti-armor tanks is ever-growing, so the Techpriests eventually sanctioned it in order to try to meet demand; Forge Worlds took the twin-linked lascannons off the Predator Annihilator and put them in the Leman Russ’s turret.

It can also be outfitted with two sponsons which mount either heavy bolters, heavy flamers, Multi-meltas or Plasma Cannons.

Leman Russ Punisher | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Ounisher page is in need of cleanup. It looks wrong to me and it will bother me until I get around to doing it The Leman Russ is widely considered one of the most religiously useful vehicles the Imperial Guard have on the tabletop, boasting both heavy firepower and good utility; it is easily one of the best tanks for cost in Warhammer 40K tabletop, with the ability to rape Necron and SPESS MEHREEN players through judicious use of ordnance and weapons fire.

Otherwise, just grab the vanilla for the two feet of range. For said tactical style your will need Leman Russ Conquerors lemaan speed or if you are willing to go slower then normal ones will do backed up by mobile infantry Chimeras, anyone? Whatever you say, Gue’la. The Vanquisher is so specialized as an anti-tank weapon that it can be argued that it’s more a Tank Destroyer.

It’d be pretty awesome if they gave it the Exterminator treatment where they not only made the weapon twin-linked but doubled its rate-of-fire, which in this case would mean making its lascannons heavy 2 twin-linked.


Valhallans double the number of wounds for Vehicles when determining their characteristics. The main point for a Conqueror now it’s mobility. Some mentions in canon claim it was solely produced punisjer the Forgeworld Tigrus, which was lost to the Orks and all remaining Vanquishers are rare examples that are now Irreplaceable. Forge World rolled this tank with the Death Euss of Krieg army, and was very popular before 5th edition changed the way a Leman Russ works.

For the longest time, the whole bring-x-points-and-play-a-“competitive”-battle style of play was anathema for me. This is your typical elite or heavy infantry. Save puniser points for elsewhere, the tank doesn’t need them. Normal Leman Russes are like Shermans, this is a Firefly. If you’re looking hard to find a spot to drop a few points why are you doing thisI guess you could put one on a bullet-spewing tank and add a few more shots, but again, probably more efficient ways to spend those points.

That’s going to hurt.

Early Soviet was just massed infantry without the heavy tanks, but then you wouldn’t be doing that now, would you? Obviously lemzn going to put a hull lascannon on it, since you’d have to be lobotomised not to. G StuG III G the Jagdpanzer IV of the 40K universe, it loses the turret and swaps out the hull-mounted heavy bolter for a massive laser destroyer — basically, a twin-linked Ordnance lascannon, all the better to penetrate armor with.

They can be a warlord and only roll on the first three choices of the codex warlord table, and their unit is moved into the HQ force org slot. Fortunately, the Genestealer Cults only gain access to the vanilla battle cannon, the Exterminator, the Vanquisher and the Eradicator.

A Cadian Stygies Vanquisher is a dream. Tanks are mobile, infantry is usually mechanized, and even artillery is often self-propelled. Use skimmers or deep striking units to quickly close and unleash punishing volleys and a Russ will go down quickly, Melee is also an excellent option forcing it to retreat on its next turn if you didn’t kill it, particularly puunisher you can charge from an obscured location and not receive overwatch as unlike the Baneblade the Leman Russ melee potential rivals a Fire warrior.