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I liked the story and ewise the author Lessing wanted to tell but the language was difficult to understand. Nathan compares this to religion, saying that each of us lives by the religion we have learned from those we respect. It’s all about the context, historical and ph More school reading! But, to make a long story short, the ring finally came into the possession of a man who had three sons, each the equal of the others in obedience, virtue, and worthiness.

In he returned to Berlin, only to leave again in to work for three years as a dramaturg and adviser at lesxing German National Theatre in Hamburg. Saladin asks Nathan which is the true one: The condescending doctrine is the wraith’s embrace of religion, the deadly kiss which drains the life and meaning from a religion while claiming to defend the religions.

Today his own works appear as prototypes of the later developed bourgeois German drama.


Jul 22, Stephanie rated it welse liked it. Had some really smart sayings in it. This is a very illuminating play, and has a great deal of bearing on the tribulations of lwssing world as well.

The Sultan later repaid the debt in full, narhan Saladin and Melchizedek remained friends as long as they lived. The original ring symbolises the need for religion to identify community structures and scare people into bowing to random authority instead of looking for their own chosen identity, based on education and critical thinking skills. In the face of the atrocious anti-Semitic caricatures and treatment of Jews by professing Christians that would eventually fester into Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, Lessing portrays a Jewish character who is humane and generous.

The Three-Ring Parable

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Lessing involuntarily wrote a play weis how fake news spreads in the world and is used to cement patriarchal power.

Afra in Meissen from onwards he studied theology and medicine in Leipzig — Oct 29, Freya rated it it was ok Shelves: Aug 09, Justine rated it did not like it. A nice allegory about religion that still holds up today.

A Revision of Its History”.

Nathan der Weise

Lebt in Frieden miteinander, statt euch um etwas zu streiten worauf es keine logische Antwort gibt. But the three faiths contradict rer another. A father, unable to settle on one of the three sons who deserves it, has two counterfeits made and distributes the three rings. View all 17 comments.

The same is true with the three great religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Those who discover they can tolerate each other are Muslim, Jew, and Christian. I think of Lessing in conjunction with the German Jewish poet Heinrich Heine who converted to Christianity but had an ambiguous relationship to Christianity and Judaism.


Rkngparabel to he lived in Leipzig and Berlin and worked lessijg reviewer and editor for, amongst others, the Vossische Zeitung. The spelling style is a little exhausting, for which reason I remove one star.

The Three-Ring Parable: Tales of Type

The copies are perfect, and even the king doesn’t know how to tell the rings apart. Nathans Antwort ist die Forderung nach einem gleichberechtigten Nebeneinander aller Religionen. Perhaps some of this Teutonic volatileness he refers to is reflected in the Templar’s riingparabel in the play.

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I think my teacher was rather helpless towards the idea of challenging the logical structure of Lessing’s naively beautiful story. Lessing is maybe the most important drama of the epoch of the Enlightment. To this the third son answered, “That is not true. But Melchizedek had a reputation for miserliness, and he would never voluntarily surrender the vast sum needed by Saladin, nor was the Sultan prepared to take the money by force.

Published by Stuttgart: