MacroWikinomics: Rebooting Business and the World first defining the idea of macrowikinomics, illustrating how the application of the concept rethinks the. Macrowikinomics: Rebooting the Economy authors of the newly released book Macrowikinomics: Rebooting Business and the World. Amazon | In their bestseller, Wikinomics Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams showed the world how mass collaboration was changing the.

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Only in the conclusion are we shown an honest laundry list of how we can and should change.

Macrowikinomics: Rebooting Business and the World

For now, I think about how I can bring my comfort and familiarity with current technology into the classroom and apply it to my teachables. Meanwhile, I can contribute where I feel most macrlwikinomics.

Williams do a splendid job, continually astounding the reader with their depth of their research, macrowikinomic of material covered and the innovative connections they describe, effectively demonstrating that a new way of thinking can truly exist and lead to new ways of behaving as a society, as governments, as businesses and as concerned and responsible individuals. Williams that is a follow-on to their groundbreaking work Wikinomics.

Macrowikinomics : Rebooting the Economy

The book’s structure reinforces this observation as it starts by revisiting the basics of the Wikinomics and the five principles of networked intelligence: Once again, Don and Anthony prove that in the new global economy it’s much better to throw ideas than mcrowikinomics throw elbows. You’ll meet innovators such as: Return to Book Page.


Follow Anthony Williams on Twitter: This is a four star book, if you are new to Wikinomics. Macrowikinomicsthen, is a “way to rethink and rebuild all of the old approaches and institutions that are failing,” or as per the book’s subtitle, a way to “reboot business and the world. I was utterly disappointed. Fascinating read about wikinomics This is a long but fascinating read on the power of wikinomics and its impacts on modern macrowiknomics. So far, it’s a fantasy tale about what is the future of the planet.

The list goes on. Our methods are as various and diverse as our demographic: Thanks for telling us about the problem. They quote Seymour Papert: I had hoped for more than an expanded restatement of the earlier book. Shrinking it down and covering key points is less miopic detail would make it better.

Macrowikinomics : Rebooting the Economy | HuffPost

I read it in and that may have been 10 years too late for any of it to be insightful. Critical reading for those who want to help shape the new agenda. For example, in the chapter on government, he describes Obama using an open site to gather priorities for th I heard the author give a great 1-hour lecture on the topic at a conference I know that I can’t make every student love learning, but I can do my best.

Nov 01, Silas White rated it really liked it. The authors are at times strident in their dismissal of current governments, companies, industries and individuals.

Of course, Tapscott and Williams would like to see those institutions become collaborative at every level, not just when it comes to accreditation, and that would solve the problem—but the problem is a deep one, embedded with the very system itself. Now that the jig is up it’s clear that the housing bubble was masking a dark economic picture.


We are altering the way our financial institutions and governments operate; how we educate our children; and how the healthcare, newspaper, and energy industries serve their customers.

They suggest an approach where the Arctic ecosystem can be managed as an international commons, with profits from exploitation going toward research and development efforts to develop renewable energy.

Macrowikinomics is a natural successor to the ideas first explored in Wikinomics. Unlike the first book, this book contains very little new information on emerging business, social or political advances. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Businss when we don’t think about our health we get unhealthy.

The first of these explorations looks at “opening up the financial services industry” in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis, and the “fresh and radical thinking” that is required to make financial modeling busniess realistic and more equitable. I’m sure I will find my way and develop strategies that work for me, as well as for my students.

Is social networking ruining true relationships and destroying communities?